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Zero Tolerance 2015-18

In 2015, UCL and the Students’ Union launched the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Project with the aim of ‘eliminating experiences of sexual harassment at UCL’. The Union launched a Zero Tolerance pledge for UCL departments as part of the Zero tolerance project. By signing the pledge, UCL departments made a commitment never to tolerate sexual harassment and to support students and staff who experience it. Signing the pledge also involved a commitment to arrange time for the Union to run Zero Tolerance workshops for new students at the beginning of the academic year 2015/16.  

Active Bystander Programme 2018 - till date

The Union wanted to build on the Zero Tolerance Project and address other issues that affect students. This led to creating a prevention programme for new and returning UCL students with the objective of building students understanding of consent, busting myths surrounding sexual misconduct and developing practical skills for challenging misconduct should they witness it at UCL or in the wider community. As the Higher Education environment has constantly been evolving, we wanted to too.We are seeing lots more diversity in our communities with London becoming more multicultural by the day. This comes with a rise in instances of bullying, harassment and hate crimes. and create a more all-inclusive model, which will incorporate sexual misconduct, bullying and harassment.

Training has taken place across UCL campuses such as Bloomsbury, Canary Wharf, and Surrey and are led by student workshop leaders. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the programme was delivered online which included an online training module and live online workshop. 

The new model empower our students by giving them the knowledge and skills they need to identify poor behaviour and challenge it at its root – changing UCL’s culture for the better.