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I will seek to make hot water facilities more available in Union spaces, and to improve access to both microwaves and hot water facilities within UCL. I will also work with the Union’s Commercial Team to try to bring in more meal deals in our cafes, as well as to improve the range of food and drink available to cater to the needs of all students. Finally, I will draft and gain approval for a new Union Sustainability Strategy, including a commitment to an action plan.

Update 24/05/21

The refurbishment of the new shop in the South Wing Junction is going as planned, I am continuing to work with the Commercial Development Manager on meal deals and pricing in the outlets. I have also chaired the Commercial Strategy working group, with the Strategy to be considered at the June Board meeting.

I continue to chair the SU Sustainability Strategy Implementation group with work progressing on almost all of the short-term priorities, and at least 50% of the short-term priorities will be complete by July. 

I am currently working on the Terms of Reference for next year’s Student Sustainability Council with the Sustainability Officer and the UCL Sustainability team, I am looking to increase the remit of the Council and include student input in UCL’s SDG Initiative. 

I was the lead officer in the recent budgeting process, working with the Chief Exec and the Head of Finance to build a balanced budget, the first in over 10 years!

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