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Give it a Go week took place from Friday 2  - 9 February, and although in it’s first year, it proved to be a huge success.

With 22 events running throughout the week we saw over 250 students getting involved in a range of workshops, sessions and classes. The taster sessions included Dance and Salsa Classes, Mahjong, Beginners Guitar, Juggling and Circus Skills, Origami Workshops, a Filmmaking Workshop, a Poetry Night, a Comedy Workshop and even a Beer and Wine Tasting event.

I thought it was an extremely good beginners session and they should keep it how it is!

Salsa Society ran a Salsa Class!
Brewer’s & Vintners Society ran a tasting session in Mully’s Bar!

A huge thank you to those who attended and also to the societies who took part, the events wouldn’t have been as successful without you!

If you are a society and want to get involved by holding your own taster session you can submit your proposal to the Student Activities Team by completing this Webform. We are constantly looking to support new ideas and events as it’s a really great way to engage new members!

I did not know how to play it before and I heard that it is not easy but I really wanted to learn how to play mahjong!

Dance Society ran 7 hours of workshops, the snapshot is of the popular Hip Hop Class!
Film Society ran a Filmmaking Workshop which gave students the chance to try out the equipment they have!