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The Print Room is really pretty

Easily the prettiest cafe on campus. 

They’re so cheap

Anywhere in London that you can get a bacon roll for £1.65 is a winner. 

They pay for your clubs and societies

Option one: get a Starbucks and feed corporate greed. Option two: get a UCLU coffee and your
money goes back into paying for the clubs and societies/study spaces/UCL community that you love. 

You’ll be helping the world

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but all of our food and drink is ethically sourced and
many products are FairTrade. We are also committed to the Meat Free Monday campaign,
which aims to help the environment by going meat-free once a week (specifically on a Monday,
as you might have guessed..). So no guilt in your mocha.

They keep students in work

We employ loads of UCL students in our cafes. It means that they have a job that’s flexible
around their studies and pays a decent wage (all of our staff earn at least the London Living
Wage of £9.40 an hour). 

The food is unreasonably good

Seriously.. For 3 quid, you can either have a Sainsbury’s sandwich with limp salad and too
much mayo or the Chicken Bahn Mi Baguette. There is literally no competition.
Also all of the paninis, the vegan superfood salad and the new curry boxes. 

No messing around with WIFI passwords

No ‘can I have the WIFI password please?’ no having to give your email address so you get
loads of spam and no need to use your data. You can check your timetable (scroll through
Instagram), get up to date on your seminar reading (do a Buzzfeed quiz) and email your mum
(Whatsapp your housemate) to your hearts content.

George Farha is a Pokestop

So whether it’s mezze at The Print Room, people watching at the Bloomsbury Cafe, a quick coffee from Gordon’s or a fresh smoothie at George Farha, our cafes are the place to be.