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Geraldine Asare-Darko is a recent graduate from the Institute of Education where she completed her Masters in Sociology of Education in 2016. She got in touch to tell us how volunteering with The African Community School during her time at UCL has helped in her current career.

Where are you currently working?
At a London based secondary school in the SEN department.

What volunteering were you involved with while at UCL?
I was a volunteer at The African Community School, assisting teachers working with Year 3 and 4 students by ensuring that the pupils are supported during English and Maths lessons, helping to mark homework given to pupils and encouraging pupils to engage in various activities offered by the school.

You can read more about Geraldine’s experience as a volunteer here.

What useful skills and experiences did you gain as a volunteer when you were at UCL?
I had many great experiences whilst volunteering at the ACS such as helping Year 3 and 4 students with their English and Maths work and volunteering at their summer school scheme (for ages 5 to16) and partook in loads of fun activities. For instance, assisting the kids in cooking sessions, safeguarding the kids whilst on trips and encouraging the kids to be involved in games and Arts and Crafts activities. Being a volunteer at ACS helped me to improve my communication skills with children, being able to build positive relationships with children and has helped me to become more confident and assertive when giving instructions or information to large groups of people.

What would you say to UCL students considering whether or not to volunteer?
The volunteering opportunities that UCL provide are amazing so whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, there are many options available for you to become a volunteer and you definitely won’t regret it! Volunteering is such a rewarding experience and UCL will certainly ensure that they support you in making sure you get the best of your time as a volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering and what to find a role which could possibly lead to your future career, search our Volunteering Directory for our current opportunities.

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