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Since we heard that the swimming pool/ student facilities inside Student Central were going to be closed, after its sale to Birkbeck, we’ve been doing everything we can to make sure this vital space doesn’t go. 

We started with an open letter to Birkbeck, signed by over 1300 people, with students all over London, along with people from the local community who use the pool, signing to tell Birkbeck their dissent with this decision. Unfortunately, our open letter got ignored and we were just issued a standard response by Birkbeck. 

So today, we decided to take the campaign to them. I, along with other students from around London, went to protest outside the Student Central building to let them know how we felt. We stood outside while workers were dismantling the live music stage inside the building, a historic and important venue for thousands of students in the past and the future. 

Although we were only there for a few hours, we realised that there were a lot of people who just didn’t know that the pool was going to be closing. A lot of people walking by were surprised that this was happening! We didn’t get the turnout we expected with people still enjoying their summer and a lot of students not in London to join, but we still had lots of support from students and people passing by. Thank you to everyone that came along.

Next steps 

We’ll continue lobbying Camden Council and other local authorities and applying pressure to Birkbeck to make sure the pool and other student facilities don’t close down but I also need your help. 

I really need you to sign our petition and make sure that our voices are heard. 

Sign the petition to save the space

Use #SaveUoLPool on Twitter or Instagram, and follow our campaign account SaveUoLPool. Tag us @TheUnionUCL on Twitter, and @studentsunionucl on Instagram, and remember to tag @BirkbeckUoL and @UoLondon too.