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Our Mission Statement:

To inform, entertain, engage and provoke debate - a student-driven media which is reflective of the vibrant student body at UCL. Student media leads to; skills for life, strong communities and power held to account.

We believe that an independent, student-led media is central to the movement which acts to keep students informed and entertained, creating content about what matters to students: reporting on campus activity, the Union, UCL, the arts, sciences, or national and international news. Student media works best when it reflects the student interests and with our vibrant outlets at UCL we strive to have a publication for all. 

Student Media Core Values:

Student Media at UCL will…

  • Be student driven and democratically lead
  • Be honest and transparent about the content we produce and recognise if we make a mistake
  • Support diverse student communities
  • Help students develop new skills
  • Call out injustice where we find it
  • Promote debates, democratic processes, campaigns and student lead projects which are relevant to students at UCL.
  • Strive to be inclusive and diverse in terms of output and students involved
  • Provide opportunities for educational debate
  • Reflect the needs and wants of the student body
  • Hold the University and Union to account
  • Celebrate student success at UCL
  • Produce the highest standard of ethical content in line with the NUJ Code of Conduct