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The results for these elections have been counted, and verified by the Returning Officer.

Student Trustee

Ayesha Mumtaz

Lukon Miah

Liam Nagle-Cocco

Suaada Abdulaahi

Total number of ballots cast: 481

Detailed Results 1

Detailed Results 2

NUS Delegates

Sabeera Dar

Sabeeh Syed

Mariam Idrissi

Mehjabin Ahmed

Sultan Mirza

Sohail Badat

Nataliya Ashurova

Ben Towse

Elliott Christensen

Total number of ballots cast: 486

Detailed Results

Part-Time Officers

External Accommodation Officer

David Dahlborn

Total number of ballots cast: 116

Detailed Results

Institute of Education Students’ Officer

Iasmim Orsini

Total number of ballots cast: 75

Detailed Results

Hall Representatives

Campbell House East and West

Sean Synnuck

Total number of ballots cast: 65

Detailed Results

Endsleigh Gardens/Gordon Square/John Adams Hall

Katherine Eyre

Total number of ballots cast: 14

Detailed Results

Goldsmid House, Wilton Plaza

Prune Bouillot

Total number of ballots cast: 30

Detailed Results


George Lawrence George

Total number of ballots cast: 108

Detailed Results

Ifor Evans Hall/Max Rayne House/Ann Stephenson and Neil Sharp Houses

Clara Mondragon Bayarri

Total number of ballots cast: 125

Detailed Results

James Lighthill House

Victoria Bukato

Total number of ballots cast: 24

Detailed Results

John Dodgson House

Yali Chen

Total number of ballots cast: 86

Detailed Results

Langton Close / Frances Gardner House

Oliver Tidey

Total number of ballots cast: 100

Detailed Results

New Hall (Caledonian Road)

Boqian Liu

Total number of ballots cast: 33

Detailed Results

Ramsay Hall/Ian Baker House

Eloise Wardell

Total number of ballots cast: 321

Detailed Results

Faculty StARs

Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Postgraduate Research)

Manuela Irarrazabal Elliott

Total number of ballots cast: 5

Detailed Results

Faculty of Brain Sciences (Postgraduate Taught)

Hunter Schone

Melissa Hazen

Total number of ballots cast: 5

Detailed Results

Faculty of Engineering (Postgraduate Research)

Lukmaan Kolia

Total number of ballots cast: 6

Detailed Results

Faculty of Institute of Education (Postgraduate Taught)

Alexandros Xafopoulos

Total number of ballots cast: 10

Detalied results

Faculty of Life Sciences (Postgraduate Research)

Danny Filer

Total number of ballots cast: 2

Detailed Results

Faculty of Medical Sciences (Postgraduate Taught)

Ayesha Khan

Total number of ballots cast: 6

Detailed Results 

Faculty of Population Health Sciences (Postgraduate Taught)

Alice Howe

Total number of ballots cast:28

Detailed Results

Faculty of Population Health Sciences (Undergraduate)

Sangeeta Das

Total number of ballots cast: 2

Detailed Results

Section Committees

BME Network Publicity Officer

Ayo Olatunji

Total number of ballots cast: 41

Detailed Results

LGBT+ Committee Asexual Representative

Anna Szumielewicz

Total number of ballots cast: 4

Detailed Results

LGBT+ Committee Bisexual Students’ Representative

Sarah George

Total number of ballots cast: 33

Detailed Results 

LGBT+ Committee First Year Representative

Frances Bennett

Total number of ballots cast: 9

Detailed Results

LGBT+ Committee Postgraduate Representative


Total number of ballots cast: 14

Detailed Results 

LGBT+ Committee Women’s Representative

Suzy Warnock

Total number of ballots cast: 26

Detailed Results

PGA Education & Welfare Officer (Taught)

Hanny Arisna

Total number of ballots cast: 19

Detailed Results

PGA Events & Entertainment Officer

Nikita Samanta

Total number of ballots cast: 58

Detailed Results

PGA Secretary & Communications Officer

George Lawrence George

Total number of ballots cast: 113

Detailed Results

SSEES First Year Officer

Denes Nagy

Total number of ballots cast: 41

Detailed Results

Women’s Network First Year Representative

Anna Starosolsky

Total number of ballots cast: 12

Detailed Results

Women’s Network Secretary

Elizabeth Smart

Total number of ballots cast: 15

Detailed Results