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Date count run30 Oct 2020
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running2
Available position1
Total ballots46
Valid votes46
Invalid votes0


Round Qianyi Deng RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 42.00 4.00 0.00 19.00 23.00
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 23.00. Candidate Qianyi Deng has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Qianyi Deng.

Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Qianyi Deng
I'm Qianyi Deng, and I am a girl who loves sharing and I am very friendly to work with. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in MSc Data Science.

My primary purpose as an Academic Representative is to build a strong and warm network within the faculty in these unprecedented circumstances.

If elected, I will communicate closely with all my peers and department on an ongoing basis about their Digital Education experience, making sure all members' feedback and suggestions are heard, hence shaping the Digital Education community within the faculty.

Furthermore, I will intensely campaign for additional opportunities for extra-curricular project work to be given, i.e. real-time projects, research opportunities, or online conferences that let students exercise skills learnt in class.

Last but not the least, I will ideally help to gather personal protective equipment and provide mental care to support the faculty members during the coronavirus outbreak.

My prior experience as a Digital Education Student Committee Member at King's, as well as CSSA society leadership positions during my undergraduate years, has prepared me to apply to these goals. I have also achieved the King's Leadership & Professional Skills Award, and the King's Cultural Experience Award, which helps to build a warm network with peers from different backgrounds.

Hopefully, I will have the honour to represent you, and make the MAPS faculty a better and warmer place! Thank you :)