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Date count run30 Oct 2020
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running10
Available positions6
Total ballots452
Valid votes452
Invalid votes0


Round Yoonho Yang Tsz Yau Cham Aditi Sivakumar Neelagesi Chenglong Wang Philip Greger Sasha Kroon Chikamso Ekwe Danilo Paganelli sophia tazi RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 95.00 35.00 23.00 12.00 55.00 45.00 57.00 37.00 84.00 9.00 0.00 49.84 64.57
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 64.58. Candidates Yoonho Yang and sophia tazi have reached the threshold and are elected. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
2 64.58 40.94 23.66 14.64 58.96 50.28 62.28 40.30 84.00 12.30 0.06 19.42 64.56
Count after transferring surplus votes from Yoonho Yang. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
3 64.58 42.74 25.10 15.00 61.12 57.48 64.44 43.90 64.58 12.66 0.40 0.00 64.49
Count after transferring surplus votes from sophia tazi. No candidates have surplus votes so candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
4 64.58 42.74 26.10 15.00 62.12 58.48 64.44 43.90 64.58 3.66 6.40 0.00 63.00
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 3 of eliminating RON (Re-Open Nominations). Transferred votes with value 1.00. Candidate Chikamso Ekwe has reached the threshold and is elected.
4 64.58 42.74 26.10 15.00 62.12 58.48 64.44 44.56 64.58 0.36 9.04 0.00 62.34
Count after substage 2 of 3 of eliminating RON (Re-Open Nominations). Transferred votes with value 0.66.
4 64.58 42.74 26.10 15.00 62.12 58.48 64.44 44.56 64.58 9.40 0.00 62.25
Count after substage 3 of 3 of eliminating RON (Re-Open Nominations). Transferred votes with value 0.36. No candidates have surplus votes so candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
5 64.58 45.74 2.10 3.00 65.12 61.48 64.44 47.56 64.58 33.40 0.54 49.47
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 3 of eliminating Aditi Sivakumar Neelagesi and Chenglong Wang. Transferred votes with value 1.00. Candidates Philip Greger and Sasha Kroon have reached the threshold and are elected.
5 64.58 47.72 1.44 0.36 65.12 61.48 64.44 47.56 64.58 34.72 0.54 48.81
Count after substage 2 of 3 of eliminating Aditi Sivakumar Neelagesi and Chenglong Wang. Transferred votes with value 0.66.
5 64.58 48.08 65.12 61.48 64.44 47.92 64.58 35.80 0.54 48.27
Count after substage 3 of 3 of eliminating Aditi Sivakumar Neelagesi and Chenglong Wang. Transferred votes with value 0.36. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
6 64.58 48.08 64.58 61.48 64.44 48.46 64.58 35.80 0.00 48.27
Count after transferring surplus votes from Philip Greger. Candidate Danilo Paganelli has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winners are Yoonho Yang, Philip Greger, Sasha Kroon, Chikamso Ekwe, Danilo Paganelli, and sophia tazi.

Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 6


Aditi Sivakumar Neelagesi
Being an international student, coming to London and settling in for the first time, especially during this Covid-19 situation has been an interesting process.

I want to take this wonderful opportunity and play a key role in making this entire online experience of joining clubs and societies and taking part in them memorable and fun!!

I will be as dedicated as possible. I truly believe that we are a part of this big community where we can share our thoughts and interests without any hesitations and shyness. I promise to improve student activity at UCL and be the right voice.

You should have a say in the actions that will affect you! I assure you I will be the one who patiently listens to your ideas, opinions and take my own and deliver it to the right authority to make this journey the best.

So, choose me as your Activities Representative under the category of Student Non-Portfolio and let the change begin!
Danilo Paganelli
My mission in life is to make people happy, and that is why I want to be a student representative, so that I can make sure that everyone in UCL is happy and well, because that is the most important thing in life. I want to make sure that everyone feels that they have a voice and that it is heard and appreciated, and thus I will make sure that there are virtual ways that all UCL students can voice their concerns and ideas so that we can make UCL as good as it can be. I will be wanting to help organise a range of events, such as a secret santa and appreciation of winter celebrations. Being gay and autistic, I will make sure that UCL is as accessible, diverse and inclusive as possible and will help organise support for those who need it. I am a responsible student who loves to help out as much as possible - in my last year of sixth form, I ran 6 societies - and thus I would be a suitable candidate to the job. I am also a lover of languages - both ancient and modern - and thus will make sure that people are able to meet others who speak the same language as them as well, whether in person or virtually. I will strive to make sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently and will seek and offer support if it is not, and will try with all of my efforts to ensure that everyone has an amazing time at UCL.
Tsz Yau Cham
Hi! I’m Katie, a second-year BA English student running for your next Societies rep. As Treasurer of the Graphic Novels and Comics Society, I understand the difficulties clubs and societies face, such as communicating with the Student Union and accessing resources. In these trying times, support for clubs and societies is crucial.

As your Societies rep, I pledge to implement the following improvements:

1) COVID Support.
Clubs and societies are faced with numerous obstacles under the pandemic. As your rep, I will fight for the improvement of virtual events to ensure a holistic student experience for all, despite the remote circumstances. I will also advocate for heightened support from the Student Union to all societies.

2) Feedback.
I will work for positive change in communication between societies and the Union, striving for improved response efficiency and quality feedback. Your voices will be heard!

3) Inclusion & Student Well-being
Clubs and societies should be a safe space for you to engage in your interests. It is especially important for remote students to feel welcome and immersed in the UCL experience. I will speak for inclusivity and accessibility of student activities at UCL.

Your vote is a chance for improvement and change!
Yoonho Yang
Hi Everyone!
As a current president of the UCL Korean Culture Society, I have witnessed various issues, and challenges student/society activities are confronted with. I would love to aid students/societies to make the most of their university lives. Living in an unprecedented era of a pandemic, I might say I am an effective worker & communicator in that I have successfully led a digital transformation in the society operations in cooperation with committee members by utilising practical means such as Zoom and Notion. I also have experience of supporting younger students through taking the role of module peer tutor, transition mentor and student ambassador. Thereby I have gained extremely valuable social communication skills, and I’m about to try my utmost to bring those into my next representative role.


I promise you to act as a brilliant mediator/communicator:

⁃ Create DIGITAL cultural Exchange opportunity in collaboration with other cultural societies. As UCL is ‘London’s Global university!’
⁃ Facilitate and increase interaction with other reps/officers/leaders to better cope with the demands of the students/societies
⁃ Find a systematic way to sustain overall well-being and mental health of the students/societies throughout the ongoing pandemic.
sophia tazi
Hey everyone!

(Don’t worry I will try to keep that short ?)

I am Sophia, half French half Moroccan. I am a first year student studying Mechanical Engineering.

As a Society Rep, I’ll make sure that every single voice is heard and I’ll do my best to transform all IDEAS into concrete PROJECTS and your QUERIES into SOLUTIONS.

Why should you vote for me?
Because I am:
- A member of 6 different societies ( Running, volley ball, Engineering society, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering without borders and Consulting society)
- Not shy to stand up during meetings/debates to serve your interests and propose projects.
- Motivated and will be 100% committed
- ALWAYS available
- “Experienced” ( being high school volley ball Rep, Eco-delegate and class rep for several times)
If I am elected, I will do my best to improve the student activity at UCL by leading various projects. I’ll help to organize more socials (within the covid regulations), to set up a weekly schedule of each society’s events (maybe adding societies sections in Moodle), creating whatsapp group for each society …

In Conclusion, I’ll be here to do everything that is possible for you to have the best uni experience !!
Chenglong Wang
I am a student studying BSc Security and Crime Science at UCL, and I always have a passion for social justice, which I believe is a fundamental factor for a good student rep. The role of societies non-portfolio rep includes strong collaboration between societies and a dedication to challenge oneself, and I am willing to take the responsibilities of this role. If I am elected to be the societies non-portfolio rep, I will become a strong tie between union and societies and follow the UCL ByStander Program to stop any types of potential misconduct through both online and campus intervention. Through the role of societies rep, I will ensure each one of UCL societies remain equal and justice.
Philip Greger
Hi! My name is Philip, and I'm a 2nd year History student. As the president of a society, I understand the joys and the challenges that come with running one. Those of us who run societies sacrifice our personal time to build communities and run events for our members, enriching the university experience immensely by facilitating the creation of friendships and allowing our members to immerse themselves in their interests. As one of your societies reps, I would hope to represent the interests of societies and their members at the Union level.

If elected, I will work to:
-Encourage more students, especially postgraduates, to join societies. As of now, only about a third of students at UCL are a part of a society.
-Promote the activities of cultural societies, which serve an important purpose in the lives of many of UCL's international students.
-Help students who have ideas for new societies bring them to life, and assist in the affiliation process.
-Bring more departmental societies into the Union, and help create societies for departments who do not yet have one.
-Create a second tier of society so that societies with niche interests that may not be able to gain 30 members can still affiliate with the Union and have a place to advertise themselves and their activities, albeit with less funding opportunities.
-Support activities and practices within societies that help BME, LGBT, and Disabled students feel more welcome.
-Increase turnout in society elections.
Sasha Kroon
Hi everyone! I’m a second-year natural sciences student and last year I absolutely loved being a part of many different societies, such as dance, consulting and women in stem. Societies were such a great part of my experience last year, so I want to make sure everyone still feels involved this term, regardless of whether or not they’re in London.

This year could be quite isolating - especially for students studying remotely, so I want to make sure everyone can still experience the community of being in a society by:

• Enabling as much face to face time as possible (whilst remaining safe)
• Encouraging societies to include remote members by also having activities online if they are able to have face to face activities

Circumstances and rules can change quickly this year so effective communication will be really important. I want to make sure members are certain of who to talk to if there is an issue and exactly when you can expect a reply.
That’s why I would:

• Make it clear how to give feedback on societies to the union
• Give a set response time for any of my replies
• Make it clear how any feedback has been acted on
Chikamso Ekwe
I believe in the importance of diversification in university and student life. As a society’s rep, my aim will be to ensure that everyone will feel inclusive when taking part in a sport or society. As a black African, I will make sure that BAME students will feel more welcomed in the university environment and will have resources tailored to their needs such as cultural event days, support groups, and a community where they will feel welcomed. The mental health and wellbeing of fellow students is also very important. One of my aims would be to ensure that any society or sports club has a dedicated facility/or a dedicated day of the week where students can join an open room to express how they’re feeling, open up about any struggles or difficulties they are facing as a student, or a time where they can talk to other members of the society and offer support to one another.