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Date count run30 Oct 2020
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running9
Available positions6
Total ballots254
Valid votes254
Invalid votes0


Round Olivia Hammond Luca Dell Antonio Miguel Rodriguez Ruiz Isabel Keane Pritthish Chattopadhyay Catherine Bacon James Maidment / Elliott Denis Jiaqian Wei RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 57.00 25.00 39.00 36.00 3.00 32.00 57.00 1.00 4.00 0.00 44.13 36.29
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 36.29. Candidates Olivia Hammond, Miguel Rodriguez Ruiz, and James Maidment / Elliott Denis have reached the threshold and are elected. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
2 36.29 29.80 39.00 45.60 3.00 37.40 57.00 1.00 4.60 0.31 33.84 36.12
Count after transferring surplus votes from Olivia Hammond. Candidates Olivia Hammond and James Maidment / Elliott Denis were tied when choosing surplus to transfer. Candidate Olivia Hammond was chosen by breaking the tie randomly. Candidates Isabel Keane and Catherine Bacon have reached the threshold and are elected. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
3 36.29 37.80 39.00 45.60 5.00 37.40 36.29 2.00 10.60 4.02 14.64 34.27
Count after transferring surplus votes from James Maidment / Elliott Denis. Candidate Luca Dell Antonio has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winners are Olivia Hammond, Luca Dell Antonio, Miguel Rodriguez Ruiz, Isabel Keane, Catherine Bacon, and James Maidment / Elliott Denis.

Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 6


Luca Dell Antonio
Hi, my name is Luca and I am a second year Physics student here at UCL. Growing up, sports has been a major part of my life. I've played a variety of different sports over the years, although I have focused on tennis which is why I joined UCL's tennis society as a fresher. In my first year, I was able to see the good that the society provided to all levels of players in the club - not only in the sport itself, but more in regards to finding a place people can come and meet new friends and socialise. Because of this, I ran for Social Secretary of the Tennis Society, a role which I was honoured to receive. As sports representative, I would become part of the Activities Zone, where I would try and voice the opinions of the clubs members to the best of my ability. Due to the various people I have met over the last year, I believe that my reach covers a wide variety of sports, and thus would provide me with a good foundation to fulfil a representative role.
Miguel Rodriguez Ruiz
Hi my name is Miguel Rodriguez Ruiz and #IBleedPurple. I am running for Sports Rep because I am passionate about TeamUCL and want to improve the experience of all students involved in sport at UCL.

I am part of the UCL Elite Athlete Programme and have held leadership roles (on and off the court/field/terrain) including President of the Baseball Society and President of the Men’s Basketball Society. During my time as President of the Men’s Basketball Society we were awarded Most Improved Club at the Sports Ball. These experiences gave me a valuable insight into how the Students’ Union works and helped me develop leadership and communication skills vital for this role.

I would:
• Improve inter-club TeamUCL chemistry by creating more inter-society events and creating a culture where sports teams are aware of and
celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

• Make sure all sports clubs feel they are appropriately supported by the Union to achieve their goals in terms of performance and growth.

• Organise livestream of Varsity Events so that the UCL Community can enjoy the heated rivalry from the comfort of their homes if they can’t be
there in the flesh.

• Most importantly make sure every Londoner knows: TeamUCL > KCL2ndChoice
Isabel Keane
Hi, I’m Issy and I’m running for Sports Rep because I want to make a tangible change this year with TeamUCL.

It’s fair to say TeamUCL has been a massive part of my life over the past three years. I’m currently the Vice-President of Lacrosse and Board Captain for Snowsports, and I’ve competed for Surf, Snowsports, and Lacrosse Club. I’ve been able to see how different clubs are run, how they compete, as well as their accessibility to beginners and recreational players. I was also Snowsports President last year, allowing me to gain knowledge on how the Union works and the communication paths between clubs and the Union.

This year sport at UCL is more important than ever and more students are looking to get involved as a way to meet new people. For this reason, it is essential that we focus on the non-competitive sides of our UCL clubs. With almost all BUCS events postponed this term sports clubs have a great opportunity to focus on beginner uptake and can help improve students’ overall wellbeing.

Additionally, as TeamUCL’s Black History Month panel event highlighted, the diversity of our university is not represented in our sports clubs. I believe more can be done about this through TeamUCL initiatives, committee training and promoting joint events with our cultural societies.
Catherine Bacon
Being a dedicated member of hockey has been the social highlight of my time at UCL, as well as playing a large role in my physical and mental health. Last year as an addition to my core role on UCLWHC’s committee, I organised our largest fundraising event and developed a unisex kit for better trans-inclusion. This year I want to work in the wider sporting community, in which I aim to:
• Increase inclusivity in sport regardless of ability level, in the form of dedicated beginners’ sessions – allowing more experienced players an opportunity to gain coaching experience
• Keep competitive spirit up during lockdown with interclub Strava competitions
• Support clubs in organising alumni matches to keep former students an active part of UCL
• Up the promotion of UCL vs RUMS matches to increase cohesion between medics and non-medics
• Work with kit secretaries to implement unisex kit in competitive sports so all genders are supported
• Work with the BME student network to ensure everyone’s voice is heard in sport
As a keen member of team UCL, I’d do a great job in the role, building on the work of previous reps to make UCL sports a great thing to be a part of.
Olivia Hammond
As a fifth-year medical student, I have been able to see the growth and development of our clubs to be more rounded and inclusive. One thing I am incredibly passionate about is accessibility to sport. With any degree, having a support system and a place to go is incredibly beneficial for mental and physical health. Over the years, my club has worked to ensure that all abilities are welcome, regardless of sporting ability. This is something I want to work with other clubs on, so anyone who wants to play a sport at UCL has the opportunity to do so.

An area I think we can improve upon is our diversification within sport and our contribution to community level sport. This is something that I think should become more engrained into the ethos of clubs and should be UCL-encouraged and supported.

I have been heavily involved with my club, RUMS Netball, and have held committee positions of Social Sec, Captain and now President. Each position has allowed me to better understand how clubs and societies actually run, and shown me the work that goes into this year in, year out. Holding positions while continuing my degree has enabled me to grow my organisation and communication skills, which are attributes I will bring to this role.

I think it is really important we continue to listen to our members and adapt what we offer them as clubs. If I were to be elected, I would bring with me views, not just from the RUMS community but also from UCL.
Pritthish Chattopadhyay
Being a passionate sports enthusiast from a very young age has been a very important aspect in an all-round development of my career. I surely think that all passionate people tend to maintain the same integrity of sport in their life. Keeping this in mind and wanting to continue contributing to the sports committee in UCL, I would like to nominate myself for the candidacy of the sports representative. The responsibility of being a sports leader was shouldered by me from a very tender age which in turn developed me as a profound leader. I was elected as the Football captain in my High school for all competitions. The climactic judgements from me and our school achieving many accolades during this term, helped me to be elected as the school captain. Being an international student, I intend to bring a gist of cultural diversity and implement all the positive experiences I have had during my graduate days. I tend to be a good listener to the problems faced by men and women in sports. If elected, I guarantee that I will provide a very dedicated and responsible service for a representative, and will try to contribute to my greatest extent. Thanking you all for patiently reading my thoughts. If you would like me to take up this position kindly vote for me!!
James Maidment / Elliott Denis
Hi, I’m James. As a member for the Union for 4 years and the current President of Men’s Hockey, I have a deep understanding of what makes our clubs so great, as well as what we can and must do to improve them. And I’m Elliott, Club captain and Covid Officer of the Men’s Hockey club. I know how important sports clubs are to students, especially in such uncertain times, so it is essential to make sure everyone gets a proper experience.

We think we can make the most impact by focussing on action in two key areas:


1. Force the Union to improve transparency in decision-making and involve clubs, rather than imposing decisions on them without any consultation or preparation. (e.g. when taking teams out of BUCS)
2. Lobby to overturn the ban on external competition.
3. Better advice to help clubs support students’ mental health.


1. Organise a TeamUCL-wide campaign to petition BUCS to start a concerted anti-racism campaign.
2. Clubs must prove how they are promoting diversity and inclusion to achieve a Development Award.
3. Improved commitment to diversity and inclusion in Union Regulations.
Jiaqian Wei
Sports have really changed my life, they helped me improve my physique and build self-confidence. I have doing calisthenics for over 2 years, I also started doing capoeira and parkour this summer, I purchased memberships of those three clubs as soon as the term began. Those sports are not as popular as football and other sports, however,l still think there needs to be a rep for those sports which are not so popular but someone loved. I would like to introduce them to more people, and helps to develop those clubs.