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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running3
Available position1
Total ballots37
Valid votes37
Invalid votes0


Round Nimrah Sharif Tomos Owen RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 23.00 14.00 0.00 4.50 18.50
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 18.50. Candidate Nimrah Sharif has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Nimrah Sharif.

Number of vacancies: 1


Nimrah Sharif
I would like to stand as a volunteering secretary to inspire our society members to engage in events that have a charitable aspect to it. I believe that the current society's involvement in Movember is a great step towards raising money for a genuine cause and would like to assist with arranging similar initiatives like this. My priorities in this role would be to engage our members and other sports societies in fundraising competitions such as the Lockdown Challenge to support some of the UK's leading charities including the British Heart Foundation and Oxfam. I have previously involved myself in lots of charitable initiatives throughout my undergraduate studies and will continue to inspire others to engage in fun, active activities to support others less fortunate to us! I believe that sport is the most fun way of engaging people in a noble cause.
Tomos Owen
Having been Welfare Officer for the club this year, I would like to continue having an active role in the club, whilst also trying something new.

Grassroots cricket depends on volunteers like us. As Volunteering Secretary, I would like to introduce initiatives which directly help in making the game more accessible, whilst also continuing the club's tradition of Movember.