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NUS Conference Delegate
Voting is currently closed
Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running9
Available positions8
Total ballots1625
Valid votes1625
Invalid votes0


Round Yolanne Lee Anna Sarinya Naumann Avanija Menon Sarah Liu Heechan Lee Carol Paige Mariyam Shafeeq Syed Haque RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 63.00 142.00 114.00 222.00 213.00 492.00 143.00 205.00 31.00 0.00 409.76 180.56
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 180.56. Candidates Sarah Liu, Heechan Lee, Carol Paige, and Syed Haque have reached the threshold and are elected. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
2 97.00 214.00 161.00 222.00 213.00 180.56 189.00 205.00 46.00 97.44 140.20 141.60
Count after transferring surplus votes from Carol Paige. Candidates Anna Sarinya Naumann and Mariyam Shafeeq have reached the threshold and are elected. Candidate Avanija Menon has reached the threshold and is elected. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
3 135.71 214.00 161.00 180.56 213.00 180.56 189.00 205.00 47.96 98.21 98.76 141.22
Count after transferring surplus votes from Sarah Liu. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
4 166.31 180.56 161.00 180.56 213.00 180.56 189.00 205.00 50.51 98.50 65.32 141.07
Count after transferring surplus votes from Anna Sarinya Naumann. Candidate Yolanne Lee has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winners are Yolanne Lee, Anna Sarinya Naumann, Avanija Menon, Sarah Liu, Heechan Lee, Carol Paige, Mariyam Shafeeq, and Syed Haque.

Number of vacancies: 8


Anna Sarinya Naumann
Hello everyone! As an NUS delegate, I want to make sure that everyone at UCL is represented and heard at the NUS national conference. The opportunity to be your voice is one that I take seriously, and as such I want to work closely with the Student Union to fully address your concerns and push for change where it is needed.

As an elected NUS delegate, I will make it my duty to:

- Represent all marginalized groups and fight for their rights.
-Raise the issue of discrimination on university campuses, including but not limited to racism, islamophobia, antisemitism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and sexism.
-Fight for better support and funding of mental health services, as well as dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health and push for better accommodation for disabled students.
-Oppose increases in tuition fees and other possible complications as a result of Brexit, especially for international students.

Lastly, I want to proudly and shamelessly represent YOU during this conference. I will therefore always be available and open to discuss further concerns that you feel should be tackled. Your voice matters and I will make sure that is heard!
Yolanne Lee
As Faculty Rep, I promised to protect and pursue opportunities. This is only emphasized in recent times where we face uncertainty about our education, beyond our (or even UCL's) control. In response, as course rep I've participated in focus groups and collected internal surveys to ensure that deadlines are fairly spaced out for my course and on a faculty level, I've collected over 200 responses regarding higher-level issues like exam formats and main sources of stress to present at faculty meetings. These are the things that affect our day-to-day most, whether you’re just starting out as a first year or whether you’re about to graduate. I understand that the faculty does not always hold ready answers, but ensuring constant communication makes sure that student voices are heard. As an NUS delegate, my focus remains the same. I'm a student like the rest of you and I want to ensure that we are heard and likewise, that information at the national level is distributed openly to everyone.
Syed Haque
Running for NUS Delegate for 2nd time as I have done last year 1st time, to make more impactful time for my 2nd term for the NUS Conference happening this year
Carol Paige
As your current Democracy, Operations and Community Officer I have already worked with the NUS for almost 2 years and I know that the NUS can do so much more for students, there needs to be accountability, transparency and communication.

If elected as NUS delegate, my priorities for the NUS conference will be:
-Tuition fee refunds: there needs to be widespread national support for the fee refund campaigns that are fighting for students to be treated fairly and reimbursed for their experience through COVID. The NUS needs to give their full support to these important groups, share their resources and knowledge so that they can be successful.
-Mental Health: this year has only worsened the student mental health crisis happening around the country, the NUS needs to continue their campaign for more funding for student mental health support for every university.
-Students accommodation: students have been stuck in housing contracts with private landlords or private student accommodation providers with no help from the government, the NUS needs to directly lobby the government to allow these students to end their contracts when it suits them.
-Accessible education: the NUS needs to work with the government to ensure that universities are fully accessible for all students, we need to keep the benefits of remote teaching (like asynchronous lectures) whilst returning to more face-to-face education.
Avanija Menon
Hi, I’m Avanija and I’m an Astrophysics student. I’m running for NUS Delegate as I want to represent you at the NUS Conference to propel your opinions on a national level.
As your delegate, I promise to push for the following agendas:
- Reduction in tuition and hostel fees
- Financial aid with more scholarships and grants
- Student welfare: support more mental health services, networks and funding
- Find a better solution for international students to obtain their visa, as visa processing centers are closed in several countries due to the indefinite pandemic situation.

I have ample experience in representing my peers as an active member of UCL with lots of student engagement. I am currently serving as a Course Representative, First-Year Representative of UCL Physics Society, Outreach Executive and volunteer of Engineers Without Borders along with several other roles. I have experience in analysing feedback and suggesting possible solutions, often with fruitful results. Having worked in and led a lot of teams, I am used to solving problems efficiently and effectively.

Lastly, I hope to rely on your votes to bring UCL forward and to make all of our experiences as students truly worthwhile, memorable and unparalleled.

Thank you,
Avanija Menon
Heechan Lee
Hello UCL! My name is Heechan and I am a first-year BSc Politics and International Relations student. I am running to become YOUR delegation to the NUS Conference. I believe my priorities represent the needs of many students in our community and I am eager to deliver them by representing UCL at the national conference.

My goals are:

- Tuition Fees: Most of you will agree that students did not receive the anticipated world-class education and support due to the pandemic. Some student did not even get to come to London. I will make sure to highlight this reality and push harder for a more vigorous campaign for tuition fee refunds.

- Mental Health and Well-Being: Many people, including myself, have felt isolated or disconnected due to various COVID-19 restrictions. I will advocate for increased support for students going through difficult times.

- Communication: Despite being the largest university student organisation in the UK, many of us are unfamiliar with NUS. I will push for initiatives to create more channels for students to communicate their concerns or feedback to NUS, and suggest campaign ideas to promote NUS to students.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto. Cast your vote for Heechan, and help me to help you.
Mariyam Shafeeq
Hi, I am Shoora a second year Natural Sciences student and a current member of your board of trustees.
If elected for NUS delegate will fight for:
1) Supporting international students: campaigning for the extension of the post­study work visa. I will push for the NUS to increase awareness of obstacles international student face and support international students via various campaigns.
2) Increasing support and funding for Mental Health as well as campaigning for better mental health services in the face of cuts and austerity
3) Fighting all forms of discrimination so all students feel safe on their campuses
Sarah Liu
Hello! I’m Sarah, an undergraduate student from Hong Kong. Growing up bisexual in a homophobic family, under a government bent on suppressing voices of youthful dissidents, I am no stranger to speaking up for my beliefs. Hence, I hope to advocate for your rights at the wider table of NUS’s National Conference.

What’s on my agenda?
Recompensing student expenses: Studying at UCL is a significant financial investment for many, esp. international students. However, COVID-19 has resulted in education subpar to what we paid for. Although the government has introduced safety nets for those in immediate fiscal hardship, I believe we should demand blanket restitution not only of tuition, but also visa and NHS fees, funded by taxing UK’s wealthiest — whose wealth have increased by more than ⅓ since the pandemic.

Job prospects: Internship placements have been slow to transition to WFH, presenting an issue not only for students supporting themselves currently, but also those entering the job market in a few years, where they will be disadvantaged compared to those who had more available opportunities. We should push for more virtual internships and other support measures.

Addressing Asian discrimination: Despite global coverage of a flood of anti-Asian racism in the US, a similar situation has flown under the radar in the UK, namely a 300% increase in hate crimes towards Asians in the past year. We must alert Asian students to this increased peril and devise assistive measures.