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The following is the motion text:

Motion: We condemn the inhumane situation in Gaza

Proposer: Mehmet Çetin

Seconder: Sahal Quazi

This Union Notes:

  1. That the Gaza Strip has a population of 1.7 million people of whom 1.2 million are refugees from Israel [1][2].

  2. That the Gaza Strip is 360 sq km in area, four times smaller than London [2].

  3. That there is a naval, aerial and land blockade maintained by Israel over Gaza [1][3].

  4. That over half of the population of Gaza are children with the majority of schools operating double shifts [2][3].

  5. That according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), since the 14th of November, 2012, 140 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, the majority of whom were innocent civilians; and 5 Israelis [1][4].

  6. That the Gaza massacre in the winter of 2008-09 claimed the lives of over a thousand Palestinians.4

This Union Believes:

  1. That UCL is a global university with students with interest in what goes on in the world.

  2. That it is our moral and ethical duty to speak out for human rights and justice and not stand by silently.

  3. That life in Gaza has become intolerable.

  4. The recent deaths of civilians in Palestine and Israel were avoidable.

  5. That we have a part to play in ending this cycle of violence in Palestine through campaigning and activism.

  6. That all democratic bodies within the Union should have the ability to campaign for human rights and justice.

This Union Resolves:

  1. To acknowledge the plight of the Palestinian people and their right to self-determination; including an end to the murder of civilians, military occupation, house demolitions, settlement building, denial of the right of return of refugees and inhumane siege.

  2. To send out a statement of support recognizing the plight of the Palestinian people and condemning the current inhumane situation in Gaza.

  3. To promote, fund and support the discussion of international issues at every democratic body within UCLU including the Forums and Union Council.

  4. To overturn Q3 of the UCLU Spring 2012 Referendum [5] to ensure that all democratic structures within the Union are able to vote unrestricted on issues of human rights and justice.

  5. That UCLU Council should take concrete steps to ensure that UCL and UCLU are not complicit in any way with the occupation of Palestine – through partnering with arms manufacturers, buying settlement products etc.

This Union Mandates:

  1. The Union Council, UCLU Forums and the Full Time Officers to enact the Resolves in accordance with this motion.

  2. The Education and Campaigns Officer and the Equality Officer to enact Resolves 2.