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This is a space for Voluntary & Community organisations and UCL staff and research students to connect with each other. 

If you have a request – for practical help, for collaborators for a project, or just have an idea you’d like to share with others then you can post that here. If you have resources, skills or knowledge that might be of interest to others, you can post that here too. And you can browse what people have already submitted. If you see something you’d like to get involved with, click on ‘I’m interested’. 

This service has been developed by the UCL Listen & Respond group, a collaboration between Students’ Union UCL’s Volunteering Service, UCL Culture’s Engagement Team, and UCL Organisational Development. Our aim is to explore how UCL can best “Listen and Respond” to the needs of communities and the voluntary sector in London as they confront and recover from COVID19. 

This website is in beta mode – we’re still developing it, so if you’ve any suggestions please get in touch with us at  

Voluntary & Community organisations