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Spring election results 2018

Looking for the results from the spring election where we elected reps for 2018/19? You can see the full time officer results here and the committee positions here. We also held two rounds of online elections for club and society presidents and treasurers - you can see those results from round one and round two here. 

Autumn election results 2017

Below are the students elected in October 2017 to roles for 2017/18. These include Hall Reps, some liberation committee reps and Faculty Reps.

The results for these elections have been counted, and verified by the Returning Officer.  Overall, 7,205 ballots were cast (inc. 262 abstentions), by 4,041 voters which equates to a 9.3% turnout. 

BME Network First Year Rep     

Amina Harrath

Detailed Results

BME Network Publicity Officer

Fatima Mahmoud

Detailed Results

BME Network Secretary              

Samira Abdalla

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BME Network Women’s Representative             

Jenna Hafidh

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Faculty Rep for Arts and Humanities (Postgraduate Taught)       

Annalisa Palmer

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Faculty Rep for Arts and Humanities (Undergraduate)  

Angus O’Brien

Detailed Results

Faculty Rep for Brain Sciences (Postgraduate Research)               

Ehtesham Shamsher

Detailed Results

Faculty Reps for Brain Sciences (Postgraduate Taught)   

Oliver Wierczimok

Xuzheng Li

Detailed Results

Faculty Reps for Brain Sciences (Undergraduate)              

Matthew Smith

Melody Yuxuan  Wang

Detailed Results

Faculty Rep for Laws (Postgraduate Taught)       

Rayana Baba

Detailed Results

Faculty Rep for Laws (Undergraduate)  

Nadim Chowdhury

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Faculty Rep for Social and Historical Sciences (Postgraduate Taught)     

Iida Kayhko

Detailed Results

Faculty Rep for Social and Historical Sciences (Undergraduate)

Jacob Rix

Detailed Results

Faculty Rep for the Built Environment (Postgraduate Taught)   

Olga Pushkina

Detailed Results

Faculty Rep for the Built Environment (Undergraduate)              

Jessica Tu

Detailed Results

Faculty Rep for the Institute of Education (Postgraduate Research)        

Johnathan Jones

Detailed Results

Faculty Rep for the Institute of Education (Postgraduate Taught)            

Xiaolin Chen

Detailed Results

External Accommodation Officer            

Matthew Lee

Detailed Results

Halls Accommodation Representative 

Jack Kershaw

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Ann Stephenson & Neil Sharp Houses        

Georgia Cairns

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Arthur Tattersall House      

Emily Gaul

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Bernard Johnson House     

Primrose Givens

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Campbell House East          

Masamba Senghore

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Campbell House West        

Cecylia Klosinska

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Endsleigh Gardens

Xueqing Guan

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Frances Gardner House      

Kwan Cheuk

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Goldsmid House   

Carmine Greusard–Deffeuille

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Hawkridge House 

Songlin Yang

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Ian Baker House    

Billy Allen

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Ifor Evans Hall        

Csongor Mathe

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for James Lighthill House         

Hadi Cullen Jaafar

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for John Adams Hall    

Teodora Lazar

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for John Dodgson House           

Tia Foster

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Langton Close         

Tudor Suciu

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Max Rayne House 

Tony Kanat

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for New Hall - Caledonian Road            

Yi Li

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Prankerd House     

Shiqi Bao

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Ramsay Hall             

Huw Williams

Detailed Results

Hall Rep for Schafer House        

Susannah Budd

Detailed Results

International Communications Officer 

Aditya Chugh

Detailed Results

LGBT+ Network First Year Rep  

Victoire Laurier

Detailed Results

LGBT+ Network Media Officer 

Red Jalleh

Detailed Results

LGBT+ Network Secretary           

Hyunsoo Kim

Detailed Results

NUS Conference Delegates          

Aiysha Qureshi

Ayo Olatunji

Emilie Dufwa

Hafsa Momin

Justine Canady

Kechen Ying

Lukon Miah

Mark Crawford

Zakariya Mohran

Detailed Results 1

Detailed Results 2

PGA Secretary & Communications Officer

Fatin Yusuf

Detailed Results

School of Pharmacy Treasurer  

Ali Al Sibahi

Detailed Results

SSEES First Year Represenative

Soma Oszlanszky

Detailed Results

Student Trustee              

Farooq Dean

Saddiqur Rahman

Sohail Badat

Zakariya Mohran

Detailed Results 1

Detailed Results 2

Women’s Network First Year Rep           

Christine Wang

Detailed Results

To find our your Departmental Academic Rep, click here. 

Older results

For results from previous elections, click here.