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The Finance Committee is responsible for considering the strategy and general management of the SU’s finances. This includes setting annual budgets, key performance objectives, and monitoring the financial performance of the organisation.

More specifically, the committee will:

  • Consider and recommend, to the Board of Trustees, the annual income and expenditure budget for the coming year.
  • Consider and report on statements of actual income and expenditure throughout the year and projected outturn against annual budget.
  • Consider and take action where appropriate on the Union’s long and short term investments, policy relating to the Union’s insurances and arrangements for short-term and long-term borrowing.
  • Consider the financial implications of capital projects and regularly report to the Board of Trustees on these projects.
  • Consider the Union’s banking arrangements.
  • Consider the approval of orders, contracts and financial commitments within the limits outlined in the Delegation of Authority.
  • Consider and recommend, to the Board of Trustees, the Union’s Reserves Policy.
  • Consider policies, reports, recommendations and requests of referenda, Union Executive and Policy Zones and make recommendations on their financial implications.
  • Report to the Board of Trustees and Union Executive, through submission of the minutes for each meeting of the Committee.


  • All Sabbatical Trustees
  • Sustainability Officer
  • Two Student Trustees appointed by the Board of Trustees.
  • Four additional students approved by Union Executive.
  • External advisor with appropriate expertise, who is appointed by the Board of Trustees.

In attendance:

  • Chief Executive
  • Head of Finance
  • Other staff members proposed by the Chief Executive and agreed by the Chair.
  • Any Members who wish to attend as observers.

Chair: Ilyas Benmouna, Activities Officer

Upcoming Finance Committee Meetings: 


Previous Minutes : 

Find previous Finance Committee Agendas and Minutes here

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