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The Governance Committee is responsible for:

  • Examining any matters referred to it by the Board of Trustees, in relation to the oversight of democratic or organisational governance.
  • Ensuring that the appointment of External Trustees and Student Trustees are carried out in accordance with the relevant Articles.
  • Ensuring that new trustees are effectively trained and inducted, setting the culture and approach to welcoming new trustees.
  • Overseeing the implementation, development and ongoing management of governance within the Union.
  • Establishing and maintaining procedures and systems of internal control designed to give reasonable assurance that all aspects of governance are in place.
  • Overseeing reviews of the Union’s governance arrangements.
  • Ensuring arrangements are in place so that the Union meets the requirements of good governance practice.
  • Reporting to the Board of Trustees and Union Executive, through submission of the minutes for each meeting of the Committee.


  • Union Chair
  • A Sabbatical Trustee (Chair)
  • Two other Sabbatical Officers
  • One Student Trustee appointed by the Board of Trustees
  • One External Trustee appointed by the Board of Trustees
  • Two additional student officers approved by Union Executive.
  • External advisor with appropriate expertise appointed by the Board of Trustees.

In attendance:

  • Chief Executive
  • Head of Student Engagement & Communication
  • Any Member who wishes to attend as an observer.
  • Other staff members proposed by the Chief Executive and agreed by the Chair

Chair: Ayman Benmati, Education Officer

Upcoming Governance Committee Meetings:

Previous Minutes : 

Find previous Governance Agendas and Minutes here

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