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Adam Everett

Course: Medicine (September 2016 - July 2022)

Sport: Taekwondo

Personal Sporting Highlight

Winning the ITF World Taekwondo Championships in Brighton 2016

Captaining the UK team to win the sparring event at the European Championships in Cork 2019

Other sports played: Muay Thai and Hockey

UCL Sporting Highlight: 

Captaining UCL Taekwondo to be overall BSTF champions in the 2018-19 season and being voted UCL Sportsman of the Year for the same season.

Alan Li

Course: Mechanical Engineering BEng (September 2018 to September 2021) 

Sport: Taekwondo 

Personal Sporting Highlight: Representing Wales Men’s Team at the World Taekwondo Championships at 18 years old - Bronze Medal.

UCL Sporting Highlight: 

  • Captaining UCL Taekwondo to wining the BUCS National Championships
  • Representing Team UCL at the EUSA European Championships.
  • Reaching the LUSL Plate Final with UCL Football (Cancelld due to COVID).

Other sports played: 100m (Wales Schools U18 Gold), Triple Jump (Wales Schools U18 Gold), Cross Country.

Alex Sells

Course: MSci Physics (September 2018 to June 2022)

Sport: Fencing

Personal Sporting Highlight: Team U17 and U20 Bronze medal at Asian Fencing Championships with the Australian fencing team

UCL Sporting Highlight: Reaching the BUCS league cup final 2019/20

Other sports played: Football, Powerlifting

Brynmor Saunders

Course: Environment Science PhD (2017-2021)

Sport: Fencing

Personal Sporting Highlight: Winning BUCS Team last year

Other sports played: Football

Caiti Maxwell

Course: Final year History BA 

Sport: Fencing 

Personal sporting highlight: Medalling at the U20 European Championships and the opening ceremony of the 2019 World University Games in Naples! 

UCL Sporting highlight: Winning 2019 Varsity with the women’s fencing team was amazing. It was in the cloisters so my friends came to watch - it was a brilliant start to my time with the UCL Fencing! 

Other sports played: I played a bit of netball and hockey at school but couldn’t really carry on once I started to fence seriously.

Charlie Dart

Course: Spanish with Management (September 2019 to June 2023)

Sport: Rifle. I am in the process of setting up UCL Rifle; if you’d like to join, please reach out!

Personal sporting highlight: Placing 2nd in the 2020 British Open to gain a quota for Team GB to the 2021 US Nationals.

UCL Sporting highlight: Setting a national record (498/500) to win the 2020/21 BUCS League.

Other sports played: Running and Swimming (lower BPM helps performance behind the gun!)

Ciarán McGuire

Course: MSc Marine Engineering (September 2020 to September 2021)

Sport: Running, Athletics and Cross-Country

Personal Sporting Highlight (don’t be modest!): Running against top athletes in the SEAA Covid Games 2020 and breaking my 100m PB during the height of lockdown.

UCL Sporting Highlight: N/A yet!

Other sports played: Rugby, Basketball

Deborah Alawode

Course: MBPhD Medicine (September 2016 to August 2025)

Sport: Barbell (Weightlifting)

Personal Sporting Highlight

Holding all the British U23 Records in the Women’s -71kg Weight Category Being invited onto the GB U23 Squad (international debut pending due to COVID)

Other sports played: Ballet, Netball (GD/GK) and Athletics (100m, 4x100m relay and Shot Put) mainly, but I was on literally every female sports team I could be on in my school, including (but not limited to) rugby, football, hockey and rounders

UCL Sporting Highlight: Winning the 1st ever UCL vs KCL Weightlifting Varsity in March 2020 (JUST before lockdown!)

Dylan Shah

Course: BA Comparative Literature (September 2019 to June 2023)

Sport: Taekwondo

Personal Sporting Highlight: I was the team captain for a team event at the 2015 World Championships where we placed in 3rd. It was one of the most gratifying moments of my life but it was really a highlight because it was at this competition that I realised I had the potential to go further and achieve more.

UCL Sporting Highlight: After a difficult year competing at -58kg (while I usually compete at -52kg) I achieved the Gold in the student national championships after a Bronze and a DQ at the Autumn and Winter championships respectively.

Other sports played: Hockey, Judo and Climbing

Edmund Flurry Grierson

Course: BSc Architecture (September 2020 to June 2023)

Sport: Running, Athletics and Cross Country

Personal Sporting Highlight: Achieving both silver and bronze at the 2019 World Schools Orienteering Championships in Estonia and then the following weekend taking my first British title.

UCL Sporting Highlight: I’m yet to compete for UCL!

Other sports played: When I’m not orienteering/running I’ll be cycling or surfing.

Emily Lindberg

Course: iBSc in Sports and Exercise Medical Sciences - Medicine (September 2020 to September 2021)

Sport: Rowing

Personal Sporting Highlight: Being selected to represent Great Britain at the U23 World University Championships in 2019, where we placed 7th in the W2-. It was an honour to represent GB as well as the best racing experience I’ve ever had.

UCL Sporting Highlight: Winning Gold at the 2018 BUCS Regatta in the Women’s 8+, and following this up with a win in the Women’s 4+ in 2019.

Other sports played: I used to play Netball and do a lot of Swimming when I was younger.

Harry Bailey

Course: Spatial Planning (September 2020 to September 2021)

Sport: Cricket 

Personal Sporting Highlight: Bowling to Sir Gordon Greenwich

UCL Sporting Highlight: Pending!

Other sports played: Rugby and Snooker


Hugo Fleming

Sport: Running, Athletics and Cross Country

Personal Sporting Highlight: From recent years, highlights would definitely be the occasions I won medals at the BUCS Modern Pentathlon Championships (silver in 2017 and bronze in 2020). In 2020 in particular, having a tidy show jumping round with no jumping penalties was a real moment for celebration.

UCL Sporting Highlight: Apart from the BUCS Modern Pentathlon results above, I also compete for UCL in athletics, and a particular highlight in athletics was winning the indoor LUCA championships two years on the trot, setting new championship records on both occasions.

Other sports played: The five sports of Modern Pentathlon are probably enough for anybody! Just for fun though I enjoy going open water swimming, bouldering and, in the winter, skiing.

Isaac Workman

Course: MSci Pharmacology

 Sport: Rowing

Personal Sporting Highlight: Representing GB at the Coupe de la Jeunesse (Junior European) Regatta 2018 and winning a gold medal. Winning at Henley Royal Regatta in 2017 & 2018.

 Other sports played: Played rugby age 8-16, but stopped due to rowing commitments. Cycling and running as cross-training. 

UCL Sporting Highlight: Bronze medal in Championship 4+ at BUCS regatta 2019, in my first year at university.

James Jenkins

Course: MSci Environmental Systems Engineering (September 2020 to September 2021), BSc Mathematics (September 2017 - June 2020) 

Sport: Cycling

Personal Sporting Highlight: 2nd ranked U23 nationally and 10th overall in 2019

UCL Sporting Highlight: 3rd in the BUCS road race

Other sports played: Running

Jennifer Zheng

Course: LLB Law (September 2020 to June 2023)

Sport: Running, Athletics and Cross Country (Triathlon)

Personal Sporting Highlight: Finishing as the 2nd American at 2019 Age Group World Champs in Lausanne and then seeing the pro races afterwards. The course was picturesque and watching the pros at the peak level of triathlon was my most inspiring sporting moment to date.

UCL Sporting Highlight: I’ve only just started!

Other sports played: I was a competitive swimmer for years before triathlon - if that counts!

Kai Maxted

Course: MSci Chemistry (September 2018 to June 2022)

Sport: Tennis

Personal Sporting Highlights:

  • British National Champion 2 years in a row in the U16 and U18 categories
  • Men’s British Tour winner
  • Semis of ITF level events
  • Lost 1 single match at seed 1 for UCL in 2 years

UCL Sporting Highlights:

  • Winning the match clincher to take back the Varsity crown for UCL
  • Being part of the team that went undefeated in getting promoted to the Premier League for the first time in UCL Tennis history

Other sports played: I played Football when I was young. Up the Chels!

Madeleine Nutt

Course: BSc Statistics, Economics and Spanish (September 2018 - June 2021)

Sport: Cycling and Running, Athletics and Cross Country

Personal Sporting Highlight: 20-24 Age group win at the European standard distance duathlon championships 2020 in Punta Umbria. (The weekend before lockdown kicked off!)

UCL Sporting Highlight: Smashing Kings at Varsity cycling

Other sports played: Ex volleyball player and I can sometimes be found making an appearance on a squash court. 

Maja Swirska

Course: MBBS Medicine (September 2018 - August 2024)

Sport: Snowsports

Personal Sporting Highlight: Competing in under 18 nationals in my home country (Poland).

UCL Sporting Highlight: Winning silver in BUDS nationals in Edinburgh 19/20

Other sports played: Tennis and Basketball


Maya Kirlew

Course: BA French with Management Studies (Sept 2019 to June 2023)

Sport: Swimming

Personal Sporting Highlight: Qualifying for Nationals for the first time at only 12 years old

UCL Sporting Highlight: Making the 50m Backstroke final at the BUCS Championships

Other sports played: Netball, Running

Mehar Bijral

Course: MBBS Medicine (September 2019 - July 2025)

Sport: Badminton

Personal Sporting Highlight: Winning back to back Senior County Championships as a junior player

UCL Sporting Highlight: Being part of the team that was promoted to the BUCS Premiership

Other sports played: Running


Miguel Rodriguez Ruiz

Course: Medicine (September 2016 to August 2022)

Sport: Baseball and Basketball

Personal Sporting Highlight: In Baseball I was awarded Most Outstanding Defensive Player in Europe in my first ever international tournament representing Great Britain. This was for my performance at an U12 European Baseball Tournament in Siena, Italy when I was 10.

UCL Sporting Highlight: In Basketball, with 1 second left on the clock and down by one point, I made a game-winning buzzer-beater 3 pointer vs King’s.

Other sports played: Football and Tennis

Mihail Dudas

Course: MSc Management (September 2020 to September 2021)

Sport: Running, Athletics and Cross Country

Personal Sporting Highlight:

Decathlon and heptathlon.

European bronze medalist: 2 x U23, 2 x Senior (Decathlon and Heptathlon)

World Junior bronze medalist (decathlon)

National record holder for both decathlon and heptathlon (8275pt / 6099pt)

2 times Olympian

UCL Sporting Highlight: Pending!

Other sports played: None


Montana Jackson

Course: MSc Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health (September 2020 to September 2021)

Sport: Running, Athletics and Cross Country

Personal Sporting Highlight: It probably has to be getting a bronze medal at the British Indoor Team Trials in the triple jump in 2017. But also making it to the British Championships last year in my first year competing in the 400m hurdles and racing against Meghan Beesley! 

UCL Sporting Highlight: TBC as I haven’t yet competed for UCL… but so far it’s becoming part of the Elite Athlete Programme and getting all the support. Thank you!

Other sports played: In the past I’ve played basketball and netball (very briefly) for Imperial College, and also dabbled in rowing for my college in Oxford as an undergrad. As for athletics, I’ve tried just about all the events, even pole vault


Nicholas Lising-White

Course: BA Geography (September 2017 to June 2021)

Sport: Rugby

Personal Sporting Highlight:  Winning the West Coast 7s with UCLA on my year abroad

UCL Sporting Highlight: Being part of the varsity squad that won in my first year.

Other sports played: Golf (Selected for South East England Schools at U16)

Patrick Roddy

Course: Cosmology PhD (September 2017 - September 2021)

Sport: Running, Athletics and Cross Country

Personal Sporting Highlight: Being part of the bronze medal-winning team at BUCS XC in 2017 for Cambridge (where I did my undergrad) when I was Club Captain. It was the first Oxbridge team medal in over a decade.

UCL Sporting Highlight: Winning the overall individual title & team title in the LUCA XC league in 2017-18. Across the 5 races I finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 1st & 2nd.

Other sports played: Cycling is something I’ve always done a bit on the side but have got more into it during lockdown. Besides that I do open water swimming on occasion, along with Duathlon/Triathlon.

Phyllida Britton

Course: PhD in Chemistry (October 2020 to October 2024)

Sport: Swimming

Personal Sporting Highlights:

  • British Champion 4x100m Freestyle Relay
  • Swedish Gran Prix placed 4th in the 800m Freestyle
  • Chartes Golden Tour Open came 4th in 400m Freestyle

UCL Sporting Highlights:

  • BUCS Champion 1500m Freestyle 2019
  • BUCS Silver medallist 800m Freestyle 2019
  • BUCS Champion 800m Freestyle 2020

Other sports played: Over lockdown with the closure of swimming pools, running and rowing had to supplement the aerobic fitness. I do love playing a bit of tennis too though!


Thomas Petty

Course: MSci Human Sciences and Evolution (September 2018 to June 2022) 

Sport: Rugby

Personal Sporting Highlight

  • Signed to London Scottish in the Championship for the ‘20/’21 season. 
  • England Counties u20s ‘19 (won both tests against Romania u23s). 
  • Three years signed to semi-professional clubs in National 1/2 (Old Elthamians ‘17-‘19, Tonbridge Juddians ‘19, Bishop’s Stortford ‘19-‘20), England Lambs u18s ‘17.

UCL Sporting Highlight:

  • Coached UCL Women’s team to a varsity win against Kings ‘19.
  • Unbeaten ‘18/’19 season for UCL Men’s rugby as a fresher.
  • Rebuilding UCL Men’s rugby as a non-playing Welfare Sec ‘20/’21.

Other sports played: Olympic Lifting, Judo, Water Polo, Cricket, Hockey.


Will Sturgeon

Course: PhD Seismology (September 2017 to September 2021)

Sport: Fencing

Personal Sport Highlight: Qualifying for the Senior Great Britain Team and representing them at the highest international level.

UCL Sporting Highlight: BUCS Cup Team Champions 2020

Other sports played: Running, Tennis 

Tara Bage

Course: iBSc Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences 

Sport: Running, Athletics and Cross Country

Personal Sporting Highlight: Probably running 35:31 for 10k in January 2020. 


UCL Sporting Highlight: Placing 36th at BUCS cross country in 2019!

Other sports played: When I was younger I played tennis before joining an Athletics club.