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This year’s Rep Elections will take place in October. There are a range of roles available to run for and take up alongside your studies, whether you want to get more involved with your faculty, a society, or the Union as a whole. The elections are a great chance for you to have a say in what UCL looks like and ensure that you get the most out of your university experience, whether you’re running or just voting.

Look below for more information on this year’s election and keep checking this page for updates on everything from candidates to voting information!

Student Officer Roles

There are two Student Officer positions which are open in this election; the LGBQ+ Officer and the Mature and Part-Time Students’ Officer.

Faculty Reps

Each of UCL’s 12 Faculties will elect Reps to represent the student voice at University Committee and Union meetings, influencing the direction of education provision in your faculty.

Club and Society Welfare Reps

These Reps are in charge of safeguarding the welfare of students in their respective clubs/societies.

Activities Reps

Societies and Sports Reps who ensure that all Clubs and Societies members have their voices heard.

Volunteering Reps

These Reps represent the interests of students undertaking voluntary work through Students’ Union UCL.

Student Trustees

Student Trustees serve a 12-month term where they will hold a position on the UCL Board of Trustees, which makes major decisions on legal and financial issues and ensures that the Union is delivering on the political policy set by its democratic bodies

Hall Reps

Students in these positions will represent the interests of Halls residents to management.

A new team of representatives will be elected this week. These Reps will play an important role in many aspects of UCL life, from departments to accommodation to societies, so it makes sense to choose who they are.

You’re part of the UCL community, even if you haven’t always felt like it. By voting in this election, you’ll have a say in what kind of community you’re part of.

The more students who vote, the more powerful student voices become. Elected students need your backing to make big changes. Get behind student power, just by voting.

Think about what you want to happen this year. The students you elect will be working to ensure that you get the most out of your experience at UCL. So, what do you want?

Have you ever voted? Perhaps you haven’t had the chance to vote before - you’re in for a treat. Make this your first time, you’ll never forget it.

Leaving us this year? Leave your mark on UCL. The Reps elected in this election will have the power to shape how your courses are delivered, how your societies are run and how UCL will be governed for the next year. Make sure to have your say in shaping what UCL looks like for future students.

Important dates to remember:

13 September - Nominations Open
18 October - Nominations Close
19 October - Candidate Briefing
22 October - Campaigning Begins
25 October - Voting Opens
29 October - Voting Closes

 Results will be announced following the close of voting on 29 October.

What happens if I have problems voting?

If you are unable to vote but believe you should be able to, please contact

Who can vote?

All students who are members of the Union are eligible to vote, though you can only vote in elections relevant to your interests.

This means that you can only vote for roles in faculties, societies or halls of which you are part of. For example, you can only vote for the Wolfson House Rep if you live at Wolfson House, or you can only vote for positions in the UCL Football Club if you are a member of this club.

If you have opted out of the Union membership, you can opt back in here.

Other positions affecting all students, such as the Student Trustee roles, can be voted for by any UCL Union member.

How do elections take place?

All candidate campaigning will take place online, and you’ll be able to vote via a secure part of our website.

A candidate has done something inappropriate as part of their campaign, what should I do?

If you believe a candidate has acted inappropriately in their campaign, please submit a complaint. 

What are the rules?

In order for our elections to be fair, transparent and legally compliant, there are a number of rules and regulations that must be followed. We have condensed them to be as clear and easy to understand as possible. You can read the rules here.

How do I make a complaint?

You can submit a complaint of rule violations here. All complaints are investigated by the Deputy Returning Officer.

We’re here to help you. Ask us a question about the Leadership Race