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We have an amazing network of over 1,900 Academic Reps who have dedicated themselves to improving education at UCL and supporting their fellow students wherever they are studying this year. The Academic Rep of the Year Awards set out to recognise and celebrate their work.

The awards are conferred based on the following criteria: 

  • The Rep has worked hard to reflect student views and ensure these are taken into account in decision-making
  • The Rep has proactively sought to work with staff to improve education at UCL
  • The Rep’s work has resulted in changes which have positively impacted the education of UCL students

This year we received a record number of nominations, with 310 nominations for 139 individual Academic Reps. Students and staff across UCL have nominated reps who’ve dedicated themselves to representing students and gone above and beyond in their roles.

Each winner will be recognised and receive a prize and the overall winner will be announced at the UCL Education Awards on 9 June.

Kaitlene Koranteng, Department of Information Studies

Sungleen Moon, Department of English Language and Literature

Elena Bashkova, Greek and Latin

Eleanor Corney, School of Slavonic and East European Studies

Florentyna Syperek, Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Andreas Tsivitanos, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Emma Holliday, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Jiao Li, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Yue Shin Koh, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Alex Klauer, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Ekaterina Stoilova, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Giulia Li Calzi, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Lucie Gregory, Ear Institute

Fritz Peters, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Rosemary Pierce-Messick, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Szymon Urbanski, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Vanessa Moura Gomes, Ear Institute

Molly Crehan, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Natasha Kidane, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Hannah Bird, Institute of Neurology

Caitlin McDonald, Division of Psychology and Language Science

Cassandra Neo, Division of Psychology and Language Science

Desiree Shyn-Ru, Division of Psychology and Language Science

Alexandra Souvatzi, Bartlett School of Architecture

Arjun Vasudevan Ravindran, Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management

Arsh Bhasin, Bartlett School of Planning

Constance Lu, Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources

Uma Humelnicu, Bartlett School of Planning

Di Zhang, Development Planning Unit

Ecem Ergin, Bartlett School of Architecture

Filipe Fernandes Camano Garcia, Development Planning Unit

Marianne Mitchell, Development Planning Unit

Martin Miranda Antelo, Bartlett School of Planning

Elizabeth Burn, Bartlett School of Planning

Ronan Barnes, Bartlett School of Planning

Tanya Kasinganeti, Development Planning Unit

Sara Pomparelli, Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources

Junyi Wu, Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources

Ahmed Abdelaziz, School of Planning

Monisha Selvaraju, Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources

Aadam Qureshi, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Adrian Matei, School of Management

Agnes Aparte, Department of Biochemical Engineering

Ana-Maria Ionescu, Department of Biochemical Engineering

Arina Bykova, School of Management

Ashani Serra, School of Management

Markus Keiblinger, School of Management

Sunkyu Han, School of Management

Clarissa Sandejas, Department of Computer Science

Minyi Lei, Department of Computer Science

Daniela Avramioti, School of Management

Ge Tian, School of Management

Clemens Klasen, School of Management

Celine Trampe, School of Management

Elizabeth Higgins, Department of Security and Crime Science

Emily Phillips, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Evans Zuppardo, School of Management

Lucie Polakova, School of Management

Nabihah Khanom, Department of Chemical Engineering

Rajesh Goyal, Department of Computer Science

Sarah Z Khan, School of Management

Shemeen Basit, School of Management

Yuna Lee, Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy

Ali Reyazat, Department of Computer Science

Zvezdin Besarabov, Department of Computer Science

Dhilan Patel, Chemical Engineering

Haofeng Liu, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Ka Yan Kwok, Biochemical Engineering

Antoine Verdier, School of Management

Aziz Hakimi, Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Sonal Gupta, School of Management

Sharad Agarwal, Computer Science

Bob Dong, School of Management

Seth Harris, Medical Physics and Biochemical Engineering

Tasha Tahir, Mechanical Engineering

Matthew Tam, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Ben Gibson, Psychology and Human Development

Johnny Sparkes, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

Suzanna (Zanna) Wolff, Learning and Leadership

YanYan Sun, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

Kristen Miltner-Zubrzycki, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

Maria Wekesa, Education, Practice and Society

William Vincent, Education, Practice and Society

Hanan Kazim, Social Science

Qiwen Tang, Social Science

Xuefei Lyu, Social Science

Stephenie Bostock, Learning and Leadership

Shally Fang, Education, Practice and Society

Chak Kei Lau, Law

Angel Foster, Law

Silvia Cesa-Bianchi, Law

Kseniia Panteleeva, Division of Biosciences

Matthew Hazell, Division of Biosciences

Farimah Beigi, Division of Biosciences

Abigel David, Division of Biosciences

Romina Khajoue Khonsorkh, School of Pharmacy

Axelle Gutierrez-Gary, Space and Climate Physics

Bella Peng, Natural Sciences

Kate Ridley, Natural Sciences

Noor Ines Boudjema, Physics and Astronomy

Salma Elsayed Mohamed, Chemistry

Xinyue Zhang, Chemistry

Jude Ayogu, Chemistry

Danny Gold, Physics and Astronomy

Espen Bergqvist, Physics and Astronomy

Avanaji Menon, Physics and Astronomy

Alexandra Van Vijfeijken, Division of Medicine

Fady Kamel, Medical School

Fraye Watson, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science

Kiran Amin, Eastman Dental Institute

Malika Khodjaeva, Cancer Institute

Max Wills, Medical School

Shawn Lau, Cancer Institute

Mohammed Akeel, Medical School

Zhi Wei Khoo, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science

Emma Lloyd, Division of Medicine

Baneen Alhmoud, Institute of Health Informatics

Natalie Mack, Institute for Global Health

Casey McAndrew, Institute for Global Health

Ruby Relton, Institute for Global Health

Alice Osmaston, Institute for Global Health

Alexandra David, Institute for Global Health

Jessica Clay, Institute for Global Health

Lily Hutton, Institute for Global Health

Virginie Ananthakkarasu, Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care

Miroslava Katsur, Institute of Cardiovascular Science

Kan Yan Chloe Li, Institute of Cardiovascular Science 

Ayesha Asghar, Institute of Health Informatics

Nadia Khaliq, Epidemiology and Health Care

Abhishek Deglurkar, Economics

Shreya Medepalli, Economics

Chantelle-Lyn Flynn, Political Science

Kamryn Lyle, Political Science

Laure Montangerand, Anthropology

Caragh Murphy Collinson, Anthropology

Mirko De Maria, Economics

Ashley Everington, Economics

Lydia Field, Economics

Heather Little, Economics

Nana Omane-Sintim, Anthropology

Rishi Shah, Geography

Sam Glendinning, Political Science

Richey Liu, Social Science

Millie Jasinski, Social Science

Honeyeh Iravani, Geography

Kyle Jordan, Archaeology

Prokop Martinek, School of Slavonic and East European Studies

Omanand Monhungroo, Institute of the Americas

Katherine O’Kelly, Institute of the Americas

Maximillian Rodak, Economics