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Win together, lose together, stick together. Early sessions, hours on coaches, two-minute team talks, aching for days. Nights out, nights in, hitting the wall, hitting it again. Finding your mates, finding your team, finding you’ve got it, after all the hard work. Victors in Varsity, never scared of Kings, I Bleed Purple, #TeamUCL. You run faster, lift more, jump higher and wear the TeamUCL badge with pride. These awards are for everyone, a community of 6,000 dedicated people doing it for each other and doing it for UC. 

Here are the teams and team members who’ve gone above and beyond to win awards this year.

Watch the Sports Awards back:

Winner: Pavel Stech, Ultimate Frisbee Club

Pavel was an essential part of the Men’s first team that would go on to win Regionals and place fourth at Nationals. He was also part of the mixed team that won Regionals. Last but not least, he led the Men’s team to a joint first-place finish for the Men’s South-Eastern BUCS League. A great example of sporting excellence both as a single and team player. 

Winner: Catriona McLain, Barbell & Cheerleading

Catriona, President of UCL Barbell Club, organised Barbell’s very first Official London Varsity Series against King’s. She has expanded the club’s profile which now consists of 25 - 30 competitive members, including 9 who have qualified for Nationals; Catriona herself was amongst those who qualified. She has been involved in the BUCS Affiliation process which officially recognised Olympic Weightlifting as a BUCS sport and is also an active member of UCL Cheerleading. 

Catriona has led by example, setting and instilling good habits for other members of Barbell to follow. She has always been willing to help, teach and support lifters, both new and experienced. Despite a couple of injuries, she had strong showings at both Varsity, and the Greater London Weightlifting Competition.

Winner: Isabel Dalgleish, Pole Fitness 

Isabel has dedicated herself to the role of team captain, and to the overall improvement of the club. 

Not only has she been an exemplary committee member, Isabel also shone bright whilst representing UCL this year both at London Pole Varsity and the London Varsity Series. She achieved this by dedication to her craft and training upwards of 15 hours a week. 

This year has been extremely challenging for Pole Fitness as they started the first term with a committee of 5 for a club of over 180 members, as well as a having to manage a full-on competition season. Despite this, Isabel has pushed through the year, never letting the committee or club members down. 

Isabel improved the club tenfold, she has also made it into a friendly and inspiring club, making her one of the role-models of the society. Lastly, as a president of a very young committee, Isabel has helped us mend and build relationships across the board.

Winner: Sam Currie

Sam has been one of the most dedicated, hard-working and influential members of the Men’s Hockey Club throughout his time at UCL. His contribution to the sport has been exemplary, having played every game for the 1st team in his first and second year, and helped coach in his year abroad. In his fourth year, he also took on the roles of Vice Captain and Co-Coach, leading them through a very competitive season in which they almost got promoted. He has also won all three Varsity game he has played in.

This year, as President of the club, he has also had a huge impact off the pitch. He has helped implement numerous welfare events to help tackle important welfare issues and destigmatise their discussion within a male sports club. Furthermore, as a Team UCL sports representative he has also done a lot of work to tackle issues prevalent amongst all sports clubs, such as helping organise the first Glittoris sports night during pride week.

Winner: Megan McKee

As Netball President Megan oversaw the running of Interclub, Boat Ball, Varsity, Mystery Tour, a gingerbread making welfare session, a charity pub quiz, an LGBT+ fundraiser and club collaborative marathon to raise money for Young Minds UK. Megan also co-hosted the Sustainability Symposium on behalf of UCNC. Megan hosted picnics and pre-seasons for freshers and ensured they were all welcomed and integrated into the club. Megan also distributed helplines and mental health services to members and encouraged inter-team support. When a problem with fixtures occurred Megan would help fixtures secretaries to find a solution and liaise with staff when necessary. Megan offered umpiring jobs and umpiring qualification courses to the club and sent the club’s old dresses to a club in Pakistan who were in need of them.

Megan was also a Sports Rep and sports assistant for TeamUCL this year. Megan helped with freshers and running the Get Active Fair, ticket checking at Varsity events and creating the events on the LVS Facebook page and Union website, Glittoris, Varsity T-shirt designs, awards criteria, TeamUCL Instagram stories, covering two project active classes, helping captains, and piloting referee receipts on the Union website and more.

Winner: Pole Fitness

The club has welcomed members from all levels to participate in Pole Fitness showcases and competitions. At the request of members, they have designed a new kit which provides more body coverage. With the newly designed kit, the club is now providing a more inclusive and welcoming offer to students from various backgrounds and cultures across UCL.

During Black History Month, Pole Fitness hosted a free session for BME students led by Shan (BME alumni), using playlists of BME artists. 

During the Pride in Sport week, the club hosted a rainbow Sportsnite the week before Pride. They also hosted discussions about favourite LGBTQ+ polers and their impact on the community.
The club has also accommodated various disabled students, adapting their sessions to accommodate wheelchair users.

The club regularly checks in with members who have hearing difficulties or impairments to ensure music levels are appropriate for them to participate whilst using hearing aids.

Winner: Taekwondo Club

UCL Taekwondo’s volunteering activities this year were organised by their Volunteering Officer, Odile. Most notably, Odile has created the new student-led volunteering project, Kickstart.

Kickstart involves providing weekly Taekwondo sessions to underprivileged children with difficult family backgrounds in partnership with a Pupil Referral Unit in North London. Sessions were led by the Taekwondo Women’s Captain, Betty, with further help from club members on a rotating basis. 

Winner: RUMS Netball

The RUMS 1st Netball Team had an incredible season with everyone playing their part. They have achieved BUCS promotion remaining undefeated all year. This was an incredible feat, with a standout moment beating Hertfordshire at their home in the final shot of the game.

They have achieved LUSL promotion into the Premier League next season and most importantly they won Varsity against GKT (who are in the playoff for premier). This has been the first Varsity win for RUMS Netball in many years. It was also the vital win in ensuring UCL won the overall Varsity title 2020. 

RUMS Netball have achieved above and beyond this year and they cannot wait to do it all again next year. 

Winner: Women’s Football

The two Welfare Officers completed the Union’s mental health awareness training and assisted people to access UCL’s Mental Health Services, promoting a safe space for everyone.  The Welfare Officer roles and responsibilities were communicated and highlighted throughout the year to ensure that club members knew who their point of contact was. Women’s Football also started the “Mums & Mums” programme to help integrate members into the club and allow more inter-mixing of teams and social members. 

For World Mental Health Day in October, the club organised for a therapy dog to come along to UCL and produced a video to encourage conversation about mental health. The video was viewed over 1,000 times. 

The club’s Pride Officer was elected to the committee to support any members with questions and issues around their sexuality, gender identity and to promote inclusion.

During a bake sale and pub quiz, the club raised funds for the Brandon Centre, a mental and sexual health charity. The club are currently in talks to create a long term partnership with this organisation. The club hosted a workshop with “Just a Ball Game”, to raise awareness of LGTBQ+ issues in sport and to show how the club can support players. 

Winner: UCL Badminton

UCL Badminton developed greatly this year, and with 285 members they are one of the largest sports clubs in TeamUCL. 10 committee positions (4 last year) helped to efficiently organise and develop key areas of the club. A Community Outreach Officer helped to raise money for Children with Cancer UK with a social and team player tournament. The Badminton club helped to offer Akuma TeamUCL kit to social and competitive players, emphasising that all members are part of TeamUCL. The club also offered Chilly’s co-branded reusable UCL Badminton water bottles to all their members. 

The women’s first team remained in BUCS premier and the men’s 1st team was promoted to premier this year, both great achievements for the club. Most importantly UCL Badminton were able to win big, with a 9-2 win against their rival King’s during Varsity. A win that was only possible with a huge amount of social members support!

The Badminton club has also introduced a more frequent club-wide sports night and other socials to bridge the gap between social and team players. Last but not least, two club members took a coaching course to help improve coaching in social sessions for players that weren’t selected for the main team to aid their development.

Winner: Fencing Club

This year, the club has created opportunities for all, by hosting sessions for first years (two tasters & This Girl Can), for Postgraduates (through Project Active), as well as offering sessions for beginners and international athletes. They’re always striving to offer top quality coaching, for all levels. The Fencing club has accumulated the most BUCS points for TeamUCL this year.

Throughout the year, the club maintains excellent engagement with their members through newsletters, social media and varied socials such as a board game socials, traditional sports nights and a Charity Pub Quiz.

For the first time this year the club have introduced the Fotherby Charity Cup, inviting new members and more experienced fencers to mingle. The competition comprises of experienced and novice members teamed up in a unique competition to raise money for Steel Warriors.  

The Fencing club have supported all Union campaigns - this year they have participated in the Naked calendar, the Sustainability Photo Challenge, they’ve purchased Rainbow Laces, attended Glittoris Sports Nights, and much more. They also have an excellent working relationship with Union staff and officers and are represented at Student Council level.