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This report will look back upon the academic year of 2019/20 and highlight some of the exceptional initiatives that TeamUCL sports clubs have taken part in. This is broken down under the following headings:

  • Volunteering/fundraising
  • Welfare
  • Sustainability
  • COVID-19 welfare
  • Inclusion
  • TeamUCL campaigns
  • Engaging post graduate students
  • Improving sporting offer
  • Sporting Success (Club and individual)

The year in numbers

6259 Sports Members

£35,000+ raised for charity

86 BUCS teams

68 LUSL teams

11 BUCS Individuals Medals

70 Welfare Officers trained

23 Newly qualified coaches

111 Naked Calendars Sold

48 Newly trained First Aiders

UCL Swimming: The club volunteered with two disabled and social swimming clubs: Starfish and Fleetwell. Helping adults and children with varying disabilities by encouraging and supporting them to walk/move in the water, ultimately helping to improve their mobility and confidence in and out of the water

UCL Hiking: Thirty members participated in a volunteer hike in February 2020 to help clean Southsea beach for an hour in the morning. While volunteering on the beach, a journalist interviewed some of the members of the club and the club was eventually published in the local news.

UCL Taekwondo: The club partnered with a Pupil Referral Unit in Wood Green to deliver weekly Taekwondo sessions to a group of under privileged school children.

Pole Fitness: Pole Fitness designed a new kit for their club based on feedback from members. Taking member’s considerations into account, the redesign was successful and pole fitness has sold more kit this year than in any previous year.

RUMS Hockey Men: Following a successful welfare grant, the club held a series of de-stress events for members. This included meeting up to talk through their wellbeing whilst learning to knit.

Football Women: The club started the “Mums & Mums” program to help integrate new members into the club, and to allow more intermixing of different teams. They also organized the “Mums & Mums” Board Games Night.

UCL Parkour: Parkour started a new initiative of ‘spot clean up and leave no trace’, where the club leave training spots cleaner than they found them. They also relocated their Wednesday sports night to Phineas to avoid the waste of plastic cups at Student Central.

UCL Cheerleading: This year, the uniform secretary created a buy/sell Instagram page for people to buy and sell their old uniform and merchandise. This reduces the likelihood of people throwing out old kit and tackles fast fashion.

UCL Horse riding: The club significantly reduced single plastic use when hosting BUCS competitions by asking all competitors (including riders from other universities) to bring their own containers, keep cups and cutlery (instead of providing plastic plates, cups and cutlery).

Running, Athletics and Cross Country: The club organised the pan-London ‘This Girl Can’ Neon rave run in collaboration with other London universities to promote more women taking part in sport. For Black History Month, they hosted a panel event with three black women athletes who shared the challenges they faced as a minority group, how they managed to overcome these, as well as what they thought sports clubs could do now to become a more inclusive place for BME athletes.

UCL Karate: The club invited a coach from a disabled Karate club to come to UCL to run a session aimed at introducing martial arts and karate to those living with a disability. The event also focused on diversifying the clubs membership, and to engage a group of students who often feel excluded from sports.

UCL Cycling: The club hosted different speed and length rides for students of mixed abilities, but these rides met up at the same cafe at the same time for coffee, ensuring that students of all abilities obtained the same social benefit and could mingle.

Hockey Men: To try and encourage people to stay active and care for their mental health during Lockdown, the club made a UCLMHC group on Strava to stay connected and support each other. They also continue to host the clubs weekly pub quiz through Zoom.

RUMS Football Men: To provide academic support whilst teaching has gone online, the club wanted to support each year group in the tutorials they had following each module they did. This is now being done through Zoom tutorials hosted by senior members of the club.

UCL Boat Club and RUMS Boat Club: The clubs organised a fundraising event that ran throughout April to raise money for a charity that provides vital PPE for NHS staff. The committee was instrumental in publicising this event to help them reach their target goal and raise £2,550.

UCL Hockey Women: The club ran two designated events (‘Hockey Heptathlon’ and Cold Water Swimming) for This Girl Can, and made a video where the club asked members: ‘What are you most proud of?’. For a women’s sports club, this was an important endorsement of female empowerment and avoid women doubting themselves in academically demanding environments. 

UCL Basketball Women: For Sustainability in Sport, the club raised funds for The Ocean Clean Up, a charity supporting plastic clean up in bodies of water globally. Paired with other sustainable efforts (used clothing exchanges, sustainability pub quiz, and reusable water bottles) the club felt directing fundraising to a common cause would strengthen the club’s impact of continuity across activities for a common cause whilst engraining the club as dedicated within the community of societies and sports teams at UCL.

UCL Lacrosse: For the “Pride in Sport” initiative, Lacrosse put on a Pride in Sport pub quiz which was targeted at alumni (but also open to all students) where the club raised money for Stonewall. Additionally, the club put on an open Pride in Sport themed training for any students to come along and try lacrosse in an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

UCL Tennis: Based on meetings with Andrew McClean from Project Active, the club created a weekend training session for postgraduates, which was aimed at creating a more casual training session for postgrads. This got a huge uptake and was really well received from the UCL community.

UCL Hiking: Worked with PIGPA Andrew McClean to create a postgrad specific hike, which attracted 40 new postgraduate members.

UCL Netball Club: Created a large advertising push for postgraduate students. The club grew to 35 girls this year, which is more than the club have ever had, and they organised postgrad-only training sessions to accommodate their squad size.

UCL Hockey Women and RUMS Hockey Women: UCLWHC is proud of the new RUHC team, the competitive squad of 1XI UCL and RUMS players who compete in a Ladies’ Saturday League. There is now a much closer relationship (both social and professional) between UCLWHC and RUMS Women’s Hockey, which hopefully sets a constructive precedent for greater integration between UCL and RUMS in the future.

UCL Lacrosse Men: This year the club have doubled training hours for both UCL men’s teams and increased the quality of coaching, on top of this the captains ran whiteboard/tactic sessions for the first time.

UCL Basketball Women: The club introduced a second BUCS team, giving the members more playing opportunities, and gave more importance to the LUSL team.

UCL Volleyball: This season both the Men’s and Women’s Volleyball club achieved promotion into the Premier division of BUCS, collectively winning 17 out of 19 matches played. 

UCL Badminton: This year the UCL Badminton Men’s 1’s have gained promotion from the Men’s South Eastern Tier 1 to the Premiership winning 9 games out of 9.

UCL Lacrosse: UCL Lacrosse Women’s 2 comprising mostly of new players or beginners have won promotion from their league into South Eastern Division 1.

Phyllida Britton: TeamUCL Elite Athlete and MSci Chemistry student Goggy Britton won Gold in the 1500m Freestyle and Bronze in the 800m Freestyle at BUCS Short Course Swimming Championships. She later won Gold in the 800 metre freestyle at BUCS Nationals in February.

Caiti Maxwell: Another member of the TeamUCL Elite Athlete programme, Caiti has represented Great Britain at the World University Games. This year she won Gold in the Women’s Sabre event at BUCS Nationals in February.

Aidan Roberts: Second year Maths student and TeamUCL Elite Athlete Aidan Roberts won Gold in the Men’s Individual Climbing Event this year.