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Reporting to the Police

You can find detailed information on how to report an incident of sexual violence to the police on the Metropolitan Police website. On this website, you will also find information on the investigation process and the court process. An overview of the Criminal Justice System and how to get help along the way is also available on the Rape Crisis website.

It is important to remember:

  • You can report a crime at any time, regardless of when the incident happened
  • In addition to reporting at a police station, you can report by phone or at The Havens or Crimestoppers
  • You can report directly or anonymously as well as via a third party
  • You can opt out of the police reporting process at any stage
  • If you decide to opt out, this will not affect any other support you receive
  • In addition to investigating the disclosure, the police can put you in touch with support service

Reporting to Transport for London (TfL)

If you are a witness or are a target of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct on London’s transport, stations or bus stops, TfL have an emergency number the public can contact.

TfL emergency number: 61016