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Through UCLU and the Postgraduate Association, postgrad students at UCL campaign in defence of our rights, needs and interests as a community. Our policies and actions are collective and democratic - determined by meetings open to all postgrads and through the work of our elected PGA Committee. You are welcome to propose new ideas and get involved in campaigns at any level. Below you can find information about campaigns in which the PGA is specifically involved. UCLU also campaigns as a whole organisation on a range of issues: find out more here.

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Improve Childcare Provision at UCL

Costs to use the UCL nursery are very high and it’s dramatically oversubscribed, putting affordable childcare beyond the reach of most postgraduate students. 

Fair Play for TAs - decent pay and conditions for postgrads who teach

Fair Play For TAs is a UCL-wide campaign to fight for fairer conditions for postgraduate teaching assistants (PGTAs), supported by the UCLU Postgraduate Association.

Part-time postgraduates’ rights

We’re working towards decent financial support for all students, and fair discounts on Council Tax and public transport.

Student parents’ rights

Together with the UCLU Women’s Network and the UCLU Welfare & International Officer, we’re launching a campaign for UCL to provide decently for the needs of students who care for children.

Stop the debt sell-off

The government is planning to sell off the existing student debt it holds to the private sector. To make this a profitable deal for the buyer, they may retrospectively change the repayment terms, meaning that graduates may be forced to pay back more than they agreed when they originally took the loan! So this wouldn’t just affect current or future students, but graduates, including many members of the PGA. The National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts has called a national mobilisation against the privatisation of the loan book, in which we will participate. UCLU’s External Affairs & Campaigns Officer has written an introduction to the issue, and you’ll be able to find more information here as the campaign develops.

Better Space for UCL Postgraduate Researchers 

The Postgraduate Association has surveyed PGR students on space provision. We are interested in student on the results and recommendations. So please get in touch if you have any thoughts. Faculty specific reports will be generated and sent to individual faculties. 

Promoting Wellbeing and Mental Health in UCL Postgraduates 

The Postgraduate Association has written a paper on PhD Mental Health. We are interested in student feedback. Please let us know what you think by emailing the Postgraduate Students’ Officer. 

Fixed fees - no more mid-course rises

Many postgraduate students face tuition fee increases imposed by UCL part-way through their courses with little warning. We believe that ultimately education should be free and fees abolished, but at the very least students deserve transparency and security - when we apply for a course, the fee level for each year should be fixed and clearly stated. More on this campaign soon.