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I will lobby to reinstate the Rent Guarantor Scheme, and work towards making sure that the rent setting at UCL takes into account the financial needs of all students

I will also work with UCL Accommodation and Hall Reps to improve communication between these groups, as well as with UCL Accommodation to ensure that student safety is paramount in student accommodation, and that the accommodation provision is well-maintained and of high quality.

Update 24/05/21

Rent strike- I am regularly meeting with Cut the Rent and have secured them a meeting with Accommodation management to talk about their demands.  

UCL accommodation- I am continuing to raise issues within halls to the accommodation team, common areas are opening in all halls (including outdoor space), undergraduate residents have the opportunity to stay in certain halls over the summer, kitchen capacities have been increased. There’s still an issue with the no guest policy currently in place.

Rent setting- rent setting has now been confirmed with the rent in the most affordable rooms continiung to be frozen at 2015/16 prices.  

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