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Students’ Union UCL is committed to providing equality of access to our live music venue, Mully’s, to our customers with disabilities. We will endeavour to meet your requirements and make your visit as enjoyable as possible. This guide is to inform everyone coming to Mully’s about what we can offer people with specific requirements.

Ticketing & Contact


Mully’s is located in the basement of Students’ Union UCL Lewis’ Building, 136 Gower Street, London WC1E 6BP.

Venue Managers

If you have any access requirements, would like more information or have a question that is not answered on this page, please contact the Venue and Entertainment Manager:

Jo Pulford

Box Office

Students’ Union UCL doesn’t operate a single physical box office as such. Tickets are either sold in advance online or on the door.

Accessible viewing area

If you have accessibility requirements and wish to attend an event in Mully’s, once you have your ticket, please contact the Venues and Entertainment Manager above before the show and we can provide a space in an accessible viewing area. 

Personal assistant tickets

We understand that people with accessibility requirements may need to have someone with them to assist and so we offer a two for one tickets for personal assistants for ticketed events in Mully’s. Please contact the event organiser at least 72 hours in advance. Tickets will be issued on site. In most instances, please contact Joanna Pulford ( unless an event organiser is otherwise stated on the event.


Getting to Mully’s

Parking & travel

The Lewis Building is situated on Gower Street and the nearest mainline Railway is Euston and the nearest underground is Euston Square. More details on public transport are available on UCL’s website.

There is no dedicated parking.

Blue Badge Parking

Where can I park using my blue badge?

The blue badge permit is available to people with a specific disability or impairment. Parts of the Borough of Camden have their own guidelines on use of the blue badge due to acute traffic and parking pressures with fewer parking spaces available than other areas. The areas do offer their own schemes and have agreed that if a blue badge holder parks in a pay-and-display bay or meter bay they will get one hour’s free parking added to the time for which payment has been made, provided that the minimum payment required for that particular bay has been made.

Camden’s alternate scheme is described in the green badge scheme section.

Blue badge holders may park without charge or time limit in: 

  • Blue badge parking bays (including those within the green badge area);
  • Residents’ parking bays (except in the green badge area);
  • Parking meters and pay-and-display bays, including out of order meters (except in the green badge area); and
  • Designated parking spaces and areas reserved for blue badge holders only

Blue Badge holders may park for up to 3 hours on a single or double yellow line (providing that the clock is also on display) except:

  • Where there is a loading ban in operation;
  • In the green badge area; and
  • In the other central London Boroughs.

Holders may not park in:

Suspended bays, Dedicated bays, Traders’ bays, Business bays, Doctors’ bays, Taxi stand bays, Motorcycle bays, Hospital bays

For more information view the latest blue badge scheme regulations and information from the Department of Transport here.

Green Badge permits

The green badge scheme runs in conjunction with blue badge permits, click here for more information. If you have a blue badge you can still park in the green badge zone, but only in the blue badge parking bays, or in shared use loading/disabled bays (between 6.30pm and 8.30am daily and all day Sunday).

If you hold both a green and blue badge you can also park in green badge bays and shared use loading/disabled bays, as well as residents’, metered and pay-and-display bays, provided they are not suspended.

You can view a map of the green badge zone here.

​Getting into Mully’s

All customers access Mully’s by passing through the ground floor George Farha Cafe and then going down to the basement, where the venue is located. There is no level access to the venue from street level. Entrance is via three steps or a permanent concrete ramp, which has a width of approximately 100cm.

At the top of the ramp/steps there are double-width main doors, which are fixed open, and an internal glass door (width 108cm), which opens both ways.  

Once inside the main entrance, customers continue through a set of wooden doors (width ~140cm), which open outwards, and proceed through the cafe to the back, where there is a customer lift. The lift is a standard lift for public use and has controls within reach of a patron in a wheelchair. 

Mully’s is located on level “B2” and upon exiting the lift there are wide double doors leading into the venue. 

Inside Mully’s

Inside Mully’s is level access, and customers who have notified the event organiser of preference for a space in an accessible viewing area will be shown to that area. 

Services & Facilities

Accessible bar

Our bar is accessible to wheelchair users. 

Accessible toilet

There is an accessible toilet located behind the lift on the ground floor, on level “G2”. The door is 83cm wide. A key for the accessible toilet can be collected from the Huntley bar (across the hall) of from the George Farha Cafe.


The smoking area is located at street level, outside the main entrance. 

Large Groups

We try to accommodate everyone’s requirements. If someone has accessibility requirements and is with a large group of people we will try and keep the group together, but it may not be in a designated accessible viewing area. Large groups are strongly encouraged to contact us in advance to make arrangements.

Induction Loop

We have an infrared Sound Induction System in Mully’s. Please ask a member of bar staff for a headset.

Deaf and Visually Impaired customers

Visually impaired customers are more than welcome to use the accessible viewing area if they would like to. As well as being able to use an induction loop, deaf or hard-of-hearing customers are also welcome to stand near the stage. Please mention this to security staff upon entering.

People with Photosensitive Epilepsy/Strobe Lighting

We do not use strobe lighting. We do use flashing lights from time-to-time. If there is any change to this, warning signs are placed on the venue’s doors. If you need any further information about this please contact the venue manager.

Evacuation Policy

All our security staff are trained to assist customers with disabilities in the event of an emergency. There is no specific emergency or refuge point within Mully’s itself. There are refuge points located outside the venue doors, on both sides of the lift in the basement and ground floors.

Access Images: