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The Literacy Pirates are an educational charity supporting young people aged 9-13 to develop the literacy, confidence and perseverance that will help them achieve both in school and the world beyond.

We have four UCL students that have joined our Virtual Ship which opened especially for lockdown. It’s a more regular commitment (every week) and we’ve been particularly impressed with Arif Bin Roslan who has done over 6 sessions on our Virtual Ship - joining us each week. He’s been very flexible and has got himself stuck in whatever group of children he’s working with. - Rosanna Hutchings, Volunteer Manager at The Literacy Pirates 

Holborn Community Association is a community anchor organisation based in central London which aims to encourage community integration, increase opportunities for local people and reduce social and economic inequalities in our community.

UCL volunteers have been very committed and enthusiastic, showing real interest in our Street Engineers project. The support from volunteers has enabled us to start and run new virtual after school sessions with support from students to engage with children between 7-12. Students recruited have STEM or engineering knowledge and interest which is something this project is trying to increase interest in amongst our participants. It has allowed participants to connect with their peers and increased their interest in STEM subjects.

One of our student volunteers was who was initially slightly reserved developed her confidence and came forward to plan and deliver a session and it was great to see her take a lead with the children and I think she is a real positive role for children taking part in the project. The other unexpected impact has been that the different UCL students taking part have been feeling really isolated as the student experience isn’t the same during a pandemic and having interactions with participants and other volunteers has been something everyone really appreciates. - Shamoli Mostafa, Projects Coordinator at Holborn Community Association 

It’s nice to have volunteers that are willing to learn and adapt with the audience we are working with

 PPL PWR are a collective who aim to encourage new ideas and technologies to power sustainable change through workshops in festivals and schools.

Since we are an organisation comprised of volunteers only, UCL students are the backbone of PPL PWR; without them and other driven volunteers there would not be any PPL PWR. Many have come up with wonderful projects to put into place, contributing to the outreach mission of PPL PWR. Thanks to their reliability, excellent work ethic and delivery, I have been able to delegate and share many tasks, applying a horizontal structure and empowering them to take more responsibilities. It has enabled many of them to land a job after they graduated, using their project management experiences, among others, to increase their professional profile.

UCL Volunteers have been inspiring examples for many of the children and teenagers they have encountered during our workshops. Our female volunteers in particular have inspired many girls to choose or think about a career in sciences, notably engineering. Becky has been the spark and driving force behind our podcasts. Anna gave the opportunity for PPL PWR to take part to the Youth Climate Summit that happened in November 2020 - 8 members of PPL PWR gave workshops and talks during this week, among hundreds of other organisations, reaching out to thousands of pupils and teachers in UK. Recently Katya has created and is leading the virtual and in person Pub Quizzes during which PPL PWR raises funds for charities. Natacha Madaule, Head of Volunteer Service PPL PWR

Working with UCL students, I have enjoyed their enthusiasm and drive, as well as the quality of their output. 

Action Tutoring is a national education charity that supports disadvantaged young people to achieve a meaningful level of academic attainment. 

Eighteen UCL students tutored on Action Tutoring programmes in the autumn term, both in schools and online from home. Volunteers helped develop key skills for their disadvantaged pupils, including subject knowledge, confidence, resilience and motivation. Achieving meaningful levels of qualification at the end of primary and secondary school means that pupils can progress to further education, employment or training. Our UCL volunteers are helping us to work towards our vision of a world in which no child’s life chances are limited by their socio-economic background. Thank you so much to our student volunteers for helping make a difference in young people’s lives! - Kellie Coyle, Volunteer Partnerships Coordinator at Action Tutoring.

Eye Heroes is the UK’s first child-led campaign to fight avoidable blindness. Children are trained through volunteer-led interactive workshops to become eye health champions and inform adults in their communities about eye health and the benefits of regular eye tests.

Katrina who is our Volunteer Lead at UCL and has been a brilliant source of support for us at Eye Heroes.Katrina always attends meetings, she has volunteered to take on work, and she has great ideas about how to move the project forward. Katrina stepped up to deliver one of our first online presentations and helped develop a training video that we could share with volunteers. I have found her to be reflective about her work and open to constructive feedback to help develop her skills. She has been helping to think about volunteer recruitment options and will be on boarding new volunteers in the year ahead. - Liz Wilson, Project Lead at Eye Heroes

Salusbury World is a charity that supports refugee and asylum seeking children and families. They provide educational, social and emotional support for refugee children, and support parents and the wider refugee community.

We particularly value the reliability of UCL students – we can count on them to come along to the sessions week in, week out. They provide our young people with much-needed stability and reassurance. The support of a friendly, thoughtful and compassionate UCL student volunteer has made an enormous difference to the confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing of many of the children and teenagers we support. - Lucy Elgood, Project Manager at Salusbury World.

Community Southwark is a combined Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) and Volunteer Centre, supporting the 1500+ registered charities and 2000+ community groups in the Borough. They also support the local community, helping them to find pathways into volunteering through their Advice service and outreach.

At Community Southwark, we have recruited one UCL student to help our Volunteer Advice Service. They have volunteered remotely with us, supporting the volunteer advice team to help residents across the borough of Southwark seek volunteering positions in their community. 

Shazia has volunteered once a week, conducting telephone calls and reaching out to the residents to see how they are getting on after they have attended a volunteering advice appointment with us. 

Shazia has been very committed to this role, she has great people skills and is very organised and because of her strengths, she has helped us increase our numbers of residents attending our advice appointments and gaining a volunteering position in the borough. 

She is a dedicated volunteer, who is very flexible and has also help on a separate research project to gain a better understanding of the borough of Southwark.  We are very grateful to have her!  

Elizabeth - Volunteering Advice Services Officer - Community Southwark

She is a dedicated volunteer, who is very flexible and has also help on a separate research project to gain a better understanding of the borough of Southwark.  We are very grateful to have her! 

“Caris Families are so grateful to all of our UCL student volunteers, as without your support we would never be able to manage the volume of children who attended our homework and kids’ clubs, your input really does make a big impact on the services we provide.

“It’s so beneficial for our children to build relationships with young adults, who they look up to as role models.

“And the UCL Volunteering Service has been essential in promoting our volunteering roles, forwarding volunteering applications and keeping us up to date about events that they are holding.

“Caris Families are looking forward to continuing our valued partnership as we expand into the London Borough of Hackney.”

Roy Normile, Play and Learning Coordinator, Caris Families

“The students we get from UCL as volunteer tutors are an essential part of our Adult Literacy Project. We have worked with the UCL Volunteering Service for many years, and our project would be far less successful if we did not have the UCL students.”

Peter Lush, Acting Director

“Our partnership with the UCL Volunteer Department has been a fruitful one through the years. We have had many student volunteers from all different stages within their university journey, who’ve helped and supported Castlehaven with a multitude of tasks, such as, completing a local needs assessment, large project evaluations, gardening and even cake-baking with older people. We even recruited a past UCL student to become a trustee of the charity, based on her knowledge and commitment to the project she worked on with us. The UCL Volunteer Team have always been accommodating to our requests and help place students that would benefit and learn from working with us here at Castlehaven. We do hope that our partnership continues to flourish in the future.”

Tricia Richards, CEO

“At ReachOut we have worked with the Volunteering Service for a number of years now, and have consistently had groups of committed, engaged and passionate student volunteers. We are always impressed with how organised and well attended the volunteer fairs are at UCL, and that is testament to the hard work of the team. They have been a big help to us in the past, and are always approachable, despite us being just one of many charities they partner with.”

Rebecca Waite, Volunteer Manager