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We’re starting to plan for the new academic year, and are keen to find new and rewarding volunteering activities for UCL students. We know that a lot of our partners are looking at how their volunteering programmes might adapt as we emerge from COVID – but developing new volunteer roles is a time consuming business.

To help you with your planning for the future, we’re announcing a small grant of £250. The purpose of the grant is to buy out some of your time to enable you to concentrate on developing new volunteer roles that UCL students could take up during 2021/22. This is a one-off grant programme aimed at helping you with your recovery planning.

What you’ll need to know

  • You’ll use the small grant to plan and create at least one new volunteering opportunity that can be advertised to UCL students during 2021/22.
  • The opportunities you create must be entirely new – that is, never advertised before on our website or any other place.
  • A fully worded opportunity must be uploaded onto our directory by 31 July 2021 (though you may choose to not publicly advertise it until a later date).
  • The grant can be used as a contribution towards your time, or that of a colleague.
  • Alternatively, it can be used to hire temporary staff or in some other way – check with us first though.
  • You will have a consultation meeting with a member of the Volunteering Service to help plan your volunteering opportunity and ensure it’s suitable for UCL students.
  • You may create more than one volunteering opportunity using the grant.
  • We’re looking for well-run volunteering opportunities that will be rewarding for UCL students, have a definable impact, and broaden the range of roles we have on offer.
  • The grant is for a fixed amount of £250. You will have to provide us with an invoice before 31 July 2021.
  • Deadline for applications:
    • Round 1: 1 July
    • Round 2: 15 July
  • You can only apply for one round, and we’d encourage early application.
  • The grant is only available to registered partners of Students’ Union UCL Volunteering Service.
  • If you’ve any questions, feel free to contact Oliver Peachey at

Update: Please note that the Recovery Planning Small Grant is now closed.