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Opportunity: Marshals and Vaccine Admin Volunteers

Short term
Commitment - more information: 
You will need to be willing to sign up for half-day sessions – as little or as often as you can.
Opportunity description: 

The hugely successful NHS vaccination programme has now reached over half the population.
This is brilliant - but it means the other half still need their jabs.
The army of volunteers supporting trained vaccinators has now been helping out for several months, and with summer coming many will want to take a break.

So we are looking for new people to join us. There are three non-medical roles to fill:
• Marshals, who welcome people to the centres and guide them through the process, helping maintain social distancing and clean conditions.
• Reception administrators, who log people in, check appointment details and deal with any initial non-clinical questions.
• Vaccination administrators who sit with the medical staff and ensure that vaccine details are added to patient records.

What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?: 
All volunteers will be given PPE if required. Everyone on site will be adhering to social distancing measures. Please do not come to your shift if you feel unwell, have a continuous cough, loss of taste/smell or a temperature.

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