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Opportunity: Online reading volunteer

Regular volunteering
Commitment - more information: 
We ask of our volunteers to commit to two, thirty minute sessions a week for 6 weeks. We ask volunteers to complete a minimum of three programmes per year.
Opportunity description: 

Each year, eight children in an average class will leave primary school unable to read well. These children will often struggle in school, and beyond. Many children have fallen even further behind with their reading after the devastating impact of Covid-19.

As a Bookmark online volunteer, you could do something incredible and change a child’s story.

You’ll help a 5-9 year-old learn to read, developing their skills and confidence. You will read together, play games, and see your reader progress, all through our secure online platform.

Our programme involves 30-minute sessions with the same child, twice a week, for six weeks. You book your programme through the Bookmark app and select sessions at times that work with your schedule.

“It was such a wonderful experience. I was very happy knowing that I was helping someone. The child really improved a lot during the 6 weeks. It was really rewarding for me to see the improvement.” — Joe, Bookmark volunteer

Application deadline: 
Saturday, 31 December, 2022 - 12:00
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?: 
All sessions are currently running online, through a secure platform.

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