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Opportunity: Project Leader

Fantastic opportunity to inform primary students how they can help the environment through small lifestyle choices they can undertake. Empowering them to become stewards of their environment in the concrete city of London.

This entails organising school visits where you, with the help of your volunteers, would be executing these workshops from pre-existing or new lesson plans that you may choose to create. The existing lesson plans have many resources which guide you through the 15 min you are allotted for each topic. These workshops usually entail splitting the class into three groups where for 15 minutes they will be discussing with a volunteer on a certain topic such as plastics, overfishing or where our food comes from. Alternatively, a school visit may entail an interactive presentation where each 15 min there is a break for 5 minutes where volunteers would talk to their designated tables and discuss what they have just learnt.
Due to the pandemic, we have adjusted our activities to creating instructional videos to help promote wildlife in their local green spaces such as their gardens, which would be uploaded to the Roots and Shoots UK website and with the help of the Jane Goodall Institute distribute them across schools.