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Hello Postgrads!

A very warm welcome to UCLU, your students’ union; I’m Mark, the Postgraduate Students’ Officer for 2016/17. The Postgraduate Association (PGA) is a democratic platform within UCLU for the entire UCL postgraduate community, enabling us to come together to tackle the issues facing us and provide for our collective interests: organising activities for students to socialise, relax and have fun; representing our needs to UCL and campaigning for our rights; providing student services from cafes to the gym through UCLU; and supporting members when they need help. It’s my job to coordinate and support the PGA’s work and to be a voice for postgraduates within UCLU, so I work closely with other students and elected representatives and am answerable to you, the members. Feel free to get in touch; you can find my contact details as well as the platform on which I was elected in my officer profile.

Even though UCLU has specific representation for postgraduates, the whole Union is also here for you. You can find out about what my fellow full-time officers do, and how to contact them, here.

Postgraduate Welcome Events

We have a full line-up of events planned for new students enrolling at UCL, and a packed calendar throughout the year, including many open to everyone and many specifically for postgrads. With everything from big club nights to quizzes and cocktail nights to bicycle tours of London, these are great opportunities to get to know other students, your Union, your College and your city - and to take a well-deserved break from your academic work! Our list of upcoming PGA events and the full UCLU calendar will be updated shortly before the welcome period over September and October.

Taking control of your Union

You will automatically become a UCLU member during the online UCL enrolment process, giving you access to everything UCLU and the PGA have to offer and the right to take part in directing your union. We’ll keep in touch with you via our brief fortnightly email bulletin, which contains the latest news, social events and academic and funding opportunities. Throughout the year, elections and PGA open meetings will give you chances to bring in your questions, ideas and suggestions and take control of your union’s direction and its activities. If you want to become more involved, you can become a representative of students by standing for election, or take part in campaigning or organising our social events whether or not you run for election - just get in touch.

For more information about the PGA, see our web pages, keep an eye on our Facebook page, and contact me if you need answers to any specific queries.

UCL Doctoral School

The Doctoral School aims to provide support for students in many ways, but particularly, through its Skills Development Programme, Research Funds, Scholarships and Codes of Practice. The PGA and the Doctoral School maintain close communication to ensure the needs of research postgraduates are heard.

Have a look at the Graduate School website and the pages on studying as a graduate at UCL.