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Thursday 16 September 202110.00 to 12.00

Regardless of your background, degree and academic interest, the UCL Edukeeners Society invites YOU to take part in the 5th & FINAL Workshop of the ‘Designing Education’ project!

This student-led UCL ChangeMakers-funded thought experiment, aims to bring together students and faculty members to think innovatively about age-old challenges in the field of education. Past workshops covered concepts such as systems thinking, design theories, purpose in education, change theory, 21st CE challenges, field stakeholder analysis and sandbox approach. You can see some of the theme covered in Our Inspiration list of blogs. 

This workshop is the very last one in our series of 5 and is scheduled to take place on Thu, 16 September 2021, 10am-12pm. The topic proposed will be Re-designing education, not retrofitting (including the opportunity cost of including or excluding aspects of education and highlighting tensions between system components). This will also be a wrap-up of our project and a short presentation will be included to review all themes covered in the previous sessions

Please check out the proposed structure of the 5th & FINAL Workshop on the project’s website and register to attend by following this Eventbrite link.

We hope that this initiative (and our growing list of alternative theories to frame existing issues) will leave you inspired and hopeful about the future of education!

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