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Monday 26 October 202017.00 to 18.00

Allan will be hosting feedback sessions for any prose pieces that you submit! The aim of this workshop is to foster a creative and constructive environment where we can showcase the talents of our prose writers and give them a platform to give feedback on each other’s work. Writers of any level are welcome and encouraged to join, and if there is an interest for it we will also be hosting more spontaneous prompt-based activities during or in between these sessions, where we might write pieces in response to a prompt, such as a specific theme, genre, or literary technique. We ask that writers submit their work at least two days before the workshops, giving everyone else enough time to read through your piece and prepare any feedback they would like to give! Prose Feedback Sessions take place twice a month.

The links and details to all of our sessions are sent out in the bi-weekly newsletters! Please contact us if you are a member, but have not yet received the newsletter or link and would like to participate.