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Thursday 30 September 202114.45

Join us for a cycle tour of London! Included in ticket price:

Very comfortable Bicycle, Helmet, Basket and entertaining Tour Guide from London’s acting community.



  • Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben & Houses of Parliament
  • St James’ Park, Queen Anne’s ‘footstool’, Horse Guards’ Parade Ground, World’s smallest police station, Trafalgar Square
  • Cycle over the River Thames twice
  • Dr Johnson’s House - author of 1st English dictionary
  • ‘Banksy’ legal street art tunnel, London’s oldest wig store
  • Ballerina ‘Bridge of Aspiration’, Brockdale Bridge from Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince
  • School attended by Daniel Radcliffe (actor from Harry Potter), Georgian period terraced housing, Bomb shelters used in WW2
  • Millennium ‘Wobbly’ Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, National Gallery, MI5, Westminster School

    Come and truly discover your city on the most fun and entertaining tour in all of London. Included in the ticket price is the hire of an extremely comfortable bicycle, helmet, basket (on ladies’ bicycles), along with a friendly, knowledgeable and humorous tour guide. The guides that will accompany you all hail from London’s acting community, so everybody is certain to have a great time!

    The Grand London Bike Tour is designed to show you London in all its glory – iconic monuments, along with hidden nooks and crannies – and to give you a taste of a Londoner’s London! The route that we take is completely safe. Taking advantage of London’s medieval street plan, we follow a series of cycle lanes, park routes, riverside pathways and numerous lesser-known backstreets, avoiding traffic throughout.

    The tour includes stops at highlights such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and The London Eye, but we also pass through crooked cobbled streets and hidden courtyards, going in search of the Spies at MI5, the World’s smallest Police Station, an upside-down church, bomb shelters used in WWII, world famous street art in the ‘Banksy Tunnel’, the illustrious Westminster School and Britain’s oldest wig store!

    There are so many other wonderfully eccentric characters, peculiar traditions and eyebrow-raising monuments to discover on our carefully selected route, that the Grand London tour really is a must-do for anyone who wants to unravel this incredible city’s most bizarre past and present. Don’t hesitate, book today to avoid being Wheel-y disappointed..!
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