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Friday 22 November 201916.00 to 20.00

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Three weeks ahead of the General election, students from universities around London are invited to a London Student Assembly hosted by Student’s Union UCL to do one thing: be heard.

There are around 350 000 students across the capital, in 39 institutions. The sheer number itself should demand attention, yet students and young people have for too long felt disconnected and unheard on the political stage. At such a crucial time for our country, our voices need to be heard, they need to have influence– they matter.

And that is what we, as students of London’s universities will be doing on the 22 November: coming altogether to be heard, to ask for action, to take a stance.

The event will involve a panel discussion with politicians from around the political spectrum as well as a panel of political youth advocacy groups. There will also be a forum type discussion, where all present will have a chance to share, deliberate, listen, finally speak up about what is happening around us. Finally there will be a chance to engage with young leaders, youth advocacy groups, and like-minded students wanting to make a change.

We welcome all students of London universities to join us in this large assembly, to hear out other fellow students, and to engage in our future together.

Agenda includes:

• Networking fair with youth advocacy groups, political engagement organisations and political societies

• Panel formed of Parliamentarians, local politicians and parliamentary candidates

• Panel formed of leaders of youth organisations

• Open Floor discussion to all present, in form of assembly

• Networking event to end the evening


16:00 - 17:00: Voter Registration Fair - speak to our political societies and register to vote 

17:15 - 20:00: Assembly begins

20:00 - 21:00: Refreshments 

Full agenda, including timings

Aim of the assembly:

•To bring together all students from the capital of all political affiliations towards a common goal: giving young people a voice.

• To mobilize and encourage young people to register to vote, to be informed, to connect with the political climate, and to be empowered to speak up.

• To show that the younger generation are not quiet, we are ready to be heard.

Join us, and get involved in promoting Please tweet comments or questions using #OURpoliticalvoice and #LondonStudentAssembly

Twitter handles to follow and tag: @TheUnionUCL

Facebook and Instagram: @studentsunionucl 

**Your student ID will be checked at the door - remember to bring it along**

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