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Thursday 30 September 202112.00 to 14.00

Registration link now live! REGISTER HERE.

Exciting keynote speakers confirmed! Muki Haklay, Jim Onyemenam, and Caroline from Compost London will be presenting at the event. More announcements to come!

Have you worked with CRIS during 2020-21? There is so much uncertainty right now but one thing we are sure about is that your efforts to develop collaboration research should absolutely be celebrated
Are you new to UCL for studying a master’s during 2021-22? Come and be inspired at this event to share power, create new knowledge, and do something meaningful with your dissertation!
Expect a fun and creative event, with short presentations, posters, and graphics to share findings and personal experiences by the 2020-21 alumni students, supervisors, and voluntary sector organisations! 
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Free ticket