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Friday 13 March 202017.00 to 22.00

Varsity Football matches on Friday 13 March have been canceled and postponed until further notice! 

Varsity Combo Ticket: Final and After Party

Support TeamUCL in the last fixture of this year’s Varsity Series. Win or lose, celebrate with us in The Steel Yard after - a combo ticket is £14 only!  - Tickets can be purchased from the drop-down on the right

UCL Men’s Football BUCS Tier 2B 2nd place v KCL Men’s Football BUCS Tier 4B 2nd place.

UCL Women’s Football BUCS Tier 2B 2nd place v KCL Women’s Football BUCS Tier 3A 3rd place

Date: 13 March 2020

Time: 16:00-22:00

Venue: Haringay FC

Ticketed: Yes


After performing at a consistently high level in BUCS league and LUSL league, we’re contenders for the top positions in both, and we’re through to the LUSL cup quarter final. UCL Women’s Football are looking to make it five Varsity wins in a row in 2020. There’s a lot of turnover from last year’s squad, with new North-American postgrads, and skillful first-years making their way onto the team sheet. Keep an eye out for Kirsten who won Varsity back in 2016 and has returned UCL to help us bring it home again. Come along on Friday the 13th of March to watch nine of us play our last London Varsity (for now).


With Term 2 starting and games coming thick and fast it is hard to look ahead to mid-March and that forsaken Friday night that seems so far away. I have no doubt that in the blink of an eye it will be upon us and it will be our duty to walk out and close the 2020 varsity series with a UCL win in front of a few hundred rowdy students, the odd brave parent and probably a rather shocked provost. Looking back on my first 2 varsities my experiences couldn’t have been more different. Losing 7-6 on penalties in my first year was nothing short of heartbreaking, but a commanding and controlled 2-0 win last year was by far the best day of my UCL life. Leading the boys out this year for my final varsity will be a proud moment. For myself and a few other seniors such as Jonny, Carlo, Xavi and Kris, it’ll be our third appearance. We understand what it is like, the noise, the nerves and the occasion. But for so many, freshers, second and third years, varsity is an unknown entity. It’s an atmosphere that cannot be replicated and has to be experienced. We are having a great season and without doubt have the ability to win the match. I just hope we can deliver.