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Saturday 7 March 202011.00 to 16.30

UCL Men’s Lacrosse BUCS Tier 2B 3rd place v KCL Men’s Lacrosse BUCS Tier 1A 4th place.

UCL Women’s Lacrosse BUCS Premier 2nd place v KCL Women’s Lacrosse BUCS Tuer 1A 3rd place.

Date: 7 March 2020

Time: 11:00-16:30

Venue: King’s House Sports Ground

Ticketed: Yes


The awesome foursome. That’s right. Four on the bounce. We’ve started our own PhD course in Demolition Jobs now, so do sign up at the School of Lacrosse, or if you can’t commit for that long, just pop down to varsity for a free masterclass.

Anyway, if it wasn’t clear enough, UCL Men’s Lacrosse have won Varsity the last 4 (FOUR) years in a row. Despite a growing rivalry with KCL Lacrosse, this year’s result will be no different. The team are ready to teach KCL a lesson more valuable than their degrees. Captained by all-seeing Ollie Moffat, our team is looking strong. KCL won’t know what hit them. Well, actually, they might, because the wall of pain they’re about to smck straight into is comprised by defencemen Wookey, Jones and Sell, armed like Roman gladiators, with 6-foot poles. This is Sparta Bloomsbury.


Having won the league last year and been promoted to Prem 2 this year, 2nd in the league is just the start. UCL women’s 1s are out to get revenge on last year’s varsity’s extremely close loss in triple over time. From Jord in the gym, to early morning stick skills, to muddy Saturday Chiswick trainings, the 1s have prepared better than ever before. The 1s are ready to not only unleash a barrage of attacks but also defend like Virgil Van Dijk. UCL lacrosse is ready to fight with a blistering fury, and take down KCL harder than ever before.