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Sunday 8 March 202015.00 to 20.00

UCL Men’s Volleyball BUCS Tier 1A 1st place v KCL Men’s Volleyball BUCS Tier 1A 2nd place.

UCL Women’s Volleyball BUCS Tier 1A 1st place v KCL Women’s Volleyball BUCS Tier 1A 5th place

Date: 8 March 2020

Time: 15:00-20:00

Venue: UEL Sports Docks

Ticketed: No


Last year’s match was very close and fun to play. We ended up winning but we fought hard for it and will do the same again! This year, with only 2 returning members the team is doing great, having won all games 3-0 in the first term. Kings are our strongest opponents in the regular season and it will be a blast playing them for the third time this varsity. With a few of our core team members leaving us this term, we have made some role swaps and the overall team strategy has shifted. Lookout for quick middle hits and explosiveness from the outside and expect some surprise attacks!


The varsity match last year was challenging because we were low on players, but this year we’re bringing our A game! We have a team of incredibly diverse girls who all love to compete and are always putting in their best effort. So far we’re undefeated, and we intend on keeping our winning streak. Look out for our tough defense!