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Thursday 17 June 202111.45 to Thursday 24 June 202117.00

Urgently needed: more marshals and vaccine admin volunteer help with the COVID Vaccination Programme at the Royal Free Rec Club on Fleet Road and Peckwater in Kentish (and (for the sessions at the end of the week)

Rec Club: Please email [email protected] if this is your first session
Peckwater: Please email [email protected] if this is your first session

Please add your name to the spreadsheet here, according to the times are when you can be in the centre. Vaccinations will start 20 minutes after this. If it is your first time, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the time stated to allow more time for orientation:…

Given the ever-changing nature of the vaccine programme, there is always the possibility that we may need to change a clinic, but we’ll aim to give you plenty of notice if this needs to happen. There is a tab on this spreadsheet for Royal Free Rec, Belsize Priory and Peckwater.

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